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tension headace and ear pain

I havent written any post really in a while been so busy with just trying to live...

Today is a hectic day i am so panicky. i have been having this tension headace that even goes intomy ears for 3 days painkillers not helping at all.

Bought a kit but now i cant get myself to drink it!!! My chest hurt and feel so tight. my muscles ache. Both arms just numb and feel like blood just rushes down my arms..i had skipped heart beats that just freaked me out totally...i am so full of faith and i thank God for all His love but yes sometimes it just gets so crazy and hurts and thr fear of just thinking this is it??? 6 years with this mental disorder feel like i can just sit and cry today but need to be strong for my kids. Been to the hospital a month ago they did the Ekg and bloods everything was normal bit still my mind says they missed something i cant be in so much pain for guys know the drill.

my jaw hurts so bad today im just so tired.

Please God help me when im so weak😢

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I understand your pain. I think the same. But you said one thing that I know is taking me some time to get back to, is, "I've been busy trying to live." I need to get to that point in my life again. I need to carry on but I seem to have a lot of bad days which keep me hostage in the mind and I dwell on it all day for too long and I have kids as well that I can be giving my whole attention to. But I know how you feel.


yeah its like this disorder wants to keep you from living it keeps you lock up in your mind, pains it wants you to exsist but only this ..."just exsist". I do my very best everyday to not show how much pain i am in but when night time comes its like im so over it i just want to lay on my bed and hold my pain!!sometimes when i catch myself thinking " oh wow today is a good day no real pains" than boom it its me like a truck all at once..


Are u under alot of stress with the tensing it really means your mjsckes are tight my shoulders and body is always tensed. Have u tried taking magnesium?


going to try it. yes im tense like all the time


I know the struggle im always tense all the time too sometimes im not even aware that i am.


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