Constant pain

Been having this dull achy feeling above left breast like near my armpit side if I press on it it feels like there is a bone and it hurts but guess its cause I press on it allot. I also get this paint feeling in my left elbow that just freaks me out cause it's a symptom for heart attack as I googled and yes I know I shouldn't just can't help..

I am panicky about the pain its seems to be moving to my back as well don't know of it's acid or anxiety but I'm stressing about it!!!

Trying to get my mind of the sensations but just can't its like all I can think about from the moment I open my eyes in the morning!! I catch myself being so anxious that u clench up my whole body so badly that I press my fingers into my legs that they actually bruise..

Please if some one can relate???

God bless


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  • Hello

    Maybe all that tensing up is what us causing it? Can't you find anything to make you relax at all?

  • Trying to I'm going to a barbeque just now hopefully it will help..just so scared

  • Don't be scared, try to forget it all at the barbecue and enjoy yourself. You are probably over thinking everything. ☺

  • Yeah I am over thinking it...just hate the pain can't stop thinking its my heart again

  • I used to have anxiety but not anymore, one of things that helped me was making myself busy when it kicked in.

    Just do anything to take your mind off of it.

    Have you seen a doctor about it just to put your mind at ease?

  • How can I just get rid or free from this like you?

  • Made myself busy, ate foods that help with it such as bananas ( look them up) and exercise which was in my opinion the biggest help. You need to do things that take your mind away from anxiety then you get into the habit of not thinking about it as much.

  • Another thing, have you ever considered that you might have a strained muscle or bad posture?

  • Have seen a doctor in 2013 had all the test done for my heart ..all was fine! Last year December went to emergency room twice cause off burning pain in my centre of chest had test done and blood work all was fine they said acid reflux. Just thinking how can it be just that.. Every day is a constant pain even my left hand feels tingle

  • It can be just that but because you constantly think about it it feels worse.

  • Spinal compression

    That's what I think not much of a big deal .the spinal cord is as amazing as your brain.

  • How is your pillow, when you sleep ,to me it reminds me if my neck is strained, like if you're laying on you right side and it compresses the bones in your neck,could cut off circulation ,and press on some nerves, try laying on your left side, the trick is relax while you do it, any tension is no good.

  • Thanks, agora1

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