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It happened again πŸ™

Last week I had the same sensation and completely broke down in fear that I was yet again 'dying'. But im finding it hard to believe these new symptoms are to do with anxiety and worried I'm having a late reaction to my medication. I take propranolol (2 months) and 1 month ago I started on 10mg citalopram.

I had a cup of decaf tea and biscuits in bed then laid down ready to go to sleep. I had heart palpitations (skipping beats) then my whole body started burning up with a tingling sensation. The scary thing is the burning tingling inside my head, in my mouth, numb teeth, numb tingling throat.

As this is the second time I'm really worried and feel like I'm not going to wake up in the morning πŸ™

Any suggestions or ideas about what it could be greatly appreciated.

Much love, stay strong xxx

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I would avoid both of those Medication the Citropam can make you Hyperion.

I'm taking Atenolol beta blocker Xanax as needed for Anxiety my prescription says 1ml 3 times a day. I bust them in half . I have a severe case of Anxiety and Panic attacks I am calm. I take Latuda 20ml for sleep if not that Doxipin for sleep. But Xanax seems to be the Main drug . I stand buy it C-L Rose


I have the same symptoms and more i got scared as well i went to the ER and had a EKG done it was anxiety as soon as they started to lay the bed down i started to have a panic attack idk why but i did it showed it was decently anxiety panic attack.. i tell my self everyday im not dead yet from this disorder i have so i will be fine i calm my self that way then i try my best to relax and ride through it,let it pass.. when you feel it sneaking up on you get up and do somthing anything that will occupy your self and your mind dont sit there and let it get the best of you im saying you will notice when you get up and do somthing it will disappear a few minutes after you start moving around if you feel really bad go out side walk around as long as you can and get your phone make a call to some one who will listen to you just talk about what ever to keep your mind off of your anxiety ok trust me you will be fine it will pass you have to control it or it will control you yes it is very scary but it will not kill you i still to this day tell my self that.. im not dead yet so calm down,ride with it.. thats what i tell my self all the time its crazy but it works for me.. if you feel the need to go to the ER because it scares you that bad do so just to give you the reinsurance you will be fine


Thank you! I calmed down a lot sooner than last time and the feelings passed within minutes. I just find it so hard to believe that a sudden all over body burning and tingling/numbness can be from anxiety, it's my head neck and mouth/throat that scares me the most. I just feel fed up buy nice to know im not alone with these symptoms xxx


I was baffled that anxiety could do that to you when I went to the er and had my first panic attack. She told me it was an anxiety attack and I almost didn't believe her. Your mind is your most powerful tool, I suggest we try our hardest to use it in our favor! It is hard but we can do it. Hope you feel better. Feel free to Message me if this happens again and you don't want to wait for someone to reply to your post. πŸ™ƒ

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Citalpram worked for me just sometimes my anxiety. Ovepowered. It but I quit. Taking because. My anxiety. Wasn't happening ever day im not on anything. Today but. Still have anxiety attacks this morning. Sucked felt like. I was dieing but once I prayed to god and. Came to the. Conclusion. I was alright with dieing it went away idk what type of anxiety you have but face your fears and. Realize after you do nothing happens hope this helps

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