Having a really crap week!!

So last week I was fine no symptoms of my anxciety and now this week I feel all horrid and some times I feel like I'm not here at all but I am! My anxiety has been so bad I haven't been out in about 3 weeks and it's driving me mad i feel as this is rewening my life right now I can function propaly I have no energy I feel horrid every day and I'm just feeling I want to give up been to docs and they shove me medication and I don't want that been wating for councling for ages and nothing yet just want to curl up and cry 😭 Sorry for long post just had to get it out!!


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  • Hi i know how you feel,thats anxiety,you have good and bad times with it,problem is it sits in the background of our minds waiting to pounce,so we are very sensitive to any mind or body changes,its like we are just waiting for it,thats the problem we are always secretly thinking what next,even though we tell ourselves we are feeling a lot better,secret is not to care whether we are feeling anxious or not,i know its not easy,but thats the answer,it then decreases the affects and hold anxiety has,its simply the waiting for it to pounce again that keeps the fear alive,and ongoing,i hope you can work through it and come out feeling a lot better,us anxiety sufferers dont give up,you are stonger in the mind than you think and the right way of thinking is the right way to go,just like trying to feel sad ,if we smile it tricks the brain into thinking you are happy,i wish you well with it and you will get there as we all will

  • May I ask something mam/sir. Is this normal that my anxiety went back after taking meds for two weeks? I'm anxious now. Really anxious..bcoz i was fine for 2 weeks but then it got me again with full swing. Now, I am down for 3 days. My next psych sched will be on June 7

  • Hang in there, I too rarly leave the house mostly to go to work that's about it. Most days are hard for me but if you don't work find somewhere to go everyday a friends house or just to get coffee if you don't go out it only gets worst

  • You have to force yourself to go out. If not you will developed some type of outside phobia. This hell started for me over 3 months ago and I couldn't even get out of bed. Actually I spent most of the day with my eyes closed because everything around me felt weird like if I was in a dream and will send me to panic. I didn't feel like I was real or here. It's so disturbing. But after 2 weeks I'm not getting out of bed I finally forced myself to go out and do my normal routine. I can function better now and physically I am fine but metallurgy I feel like CRAP... I'm hoping this nightmare ends soon. What medication are you on and for how long?

  • I got the same thing buddy, I was fine 2 weeks ago with meds, now I am totally went crazy and very anxious! I just want you to know you're not alone. We can do this!

  • Hi Rebeccah, I saw your post and wanted to send you a reply. I can totally relate to everything you say, probably most if not all the symptoms that people post on here. I've shared my life with anxiety since I was 33 and I'm 54 now!! You will have times where it leaves you alone and times where it follows you around and keeps chipping away at your sanity. Don't try and fight it. Go with the flow... and Breathe... I know it sounds stupid but trust me focusing on your breathing helps to slow your heart and calm you. I won't take medication. I've tried a couple of times and the last time made me so ill after two tablets. Fresh air and engrossing yourself in something you enjoy where your mind cannot carry on it's whispering thoughts as you are too busy thinking about what you're doing/ making. There's a headspace app which is really great and I listen to this each morning. Also mindfulness. Some people will probably read my post and laugh but I think after the time I've shared my life with anxiety I've learnt what works and what doesn't; at least for me. You will have bad crappy days where you want the world to leave you alone and there will be days where you want to see people and actually smile. If you hand a friend who makes you laugh out loud get them round. You are doing well, whether it's a good day or a crap day. Take one at a time. The blue sky is always there. Sometimes it's harder to see than others. Good luck 🙂

  • Thank you for ur reply and sorry mines abit late lol n yes it seems I have more bad days than good and it's really driving me up the wall not being able to get out or do anything it's like my life has gone down the drain and just want to be able to do the things I use to enjoy again :( just seems as my life is in slow motion most of the time I need to do this for my daughter and my partner it's just driving me and my partner apart as he wants use to do things as a family and I can't I need to get out of this hole but I just can't seem to and yes I don't want medication I had reactions to most of them and it seems since I first took the ones I got last year they have kind of messed with my brain and stuff it's just so horrible and want to live a normal life again x

  • Hi,

    I totally understand what you mean about life down the drain. It almost like you grieve for your old self. I'm having one of those times at the mo. In fact for last 4/5 days. It began with a migraine on fri and then I Think the stress of worrying about my hubby who to cut a long story short wasn't resting his back after an injury....Anyway I got sooo wound up and it's caused me to not want to go out etc. I suffer from ibs so worrying about external influences causes ibs flare ups. I made myself join my friends today at one of their houses for lunch. I didn't want to but did it. I was out for 4 1/2 hours so v pleased with myself. If you manage to do little things it really gives you confidence to think about the bigger things. I'm so not ready for trains and planes don't get me wrong and going out does take it out of you but also boosts your confidence. Hang in there. Baby steps 😉xx

  • Yh defo I'm like just fed up of this every day and yes i tryed to go out yesterday and I just couldn't even if I plan it or not even think about it I just get sweaty and feel all horrible and I need to get myself out of it I can't get myself out of it to get myself out of the house and it's driving me mad :(

  • Hi Rebeccah, I've posted a reply but don't think I posted it in the correct box🙈. Anyway if you scroll down you will see it. Lynn x

  • Anxiety will always come and go, get better or worse. On the times you feel good try to challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone. On the days your not good rest and look after yourself. When you finally get counselling it will help you become stronger and you will have more good days than bad. Good luck x

  • Mines nearly everyday I'll have the one odd day where I feel ok sometimes I feel really happy and then some time I go all like moody and irritated it just like a never ending battle x

  • Things I find help in general and when anxiety is bad - soak in the bath with Epsom salts and aromatherapy oils, getting distracted by a good book, asking hubby to give you a back or foot massage, Mindfullness/breathing - some good stuff on YouTube x

  • Yes I use lavender bath soak always helps me relax in the bath and yes I can do lol and I find that the breathing things doesn't work for me as I've tryed it number of times and it just makes me worse x

  • And Somone times my taste buds go all funny if you know what I mean x

  • Hi, try the headspace app. I tell you I was like "kittens up a tapestry" this morning when I woke up and this really keeps me going. It is breathing BUT the guy talks you through it all. It's so weird how you calm down.

    Good luck x

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