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Struggling with strange sensations in some of my teeth again

I have had strange sensations in my lower right teeth / gum area for sometime ..

I find it so hard to rise above these sensations , like a contraction that comes and goes .. area feels as though it is burning / tingly / teeth feel like they are pulling in the sockets .

Dentist baffled !!

Put it down to nerves or stress or combined ....

Taking amitriptyline , 10 mg evening and GP has said I can take same amount again in morning or double evening what ever is best for me ..

I started to feel so much better prior to Christmas , been trying not to take full dose but starting today to take more as It is getting me down .

Wish I could rise above these issues , just like the dare response ...or to know exactly what the problem really is ..

Will it always be around or will it go ..

Wish I knew someone that had same issues ...

Please help if you can ...

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear of your trouble. I think the teeth sensation is due to anxiety. I've had this before and it's horrible. It's only when you accept it's anxiety and try and leave the feeling alone that it seems to go away.


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Thank you for your reply

I think one day it is nerve damage another day anxiety / stress combined and other days both !!!!

It is lovely to hear someone with similar issues ...

I get tongue thrusting , tongue wants to keep thrusting set areas that hurt / burn , get strange sensation like a burning feeling to lower 2 right teeth , comes and goes like a type of contraction ..

Been going on since last summer !

Could you please try to explain your sensations you experienced , how long ago , is it still apparent at times or still there ..

Would like to indepth as it is making me so down and miserable , scared ....alone

Please reply again


Yes it made me feel like I was going mad,

No of course that's absolutely fine.

I had the sensation that my teeth where either loose or they felt like I wanted to pull them out. It wasn't a burning sensation, more like an uncomfortable one. I used to brush them loads to try and get rid if the feeling.

I wonder if they burning is coming from you rubbing your mouth so much with your tougue?

Do you have this feeling constantly or is it more at night?


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It is worse through the day , seems to settle at night , although a few months back my anxiety was so bad the strange tooth feeling woke me at night and gave me a type of night terror .went to see my GP , he gave me 10 mg amitriptyline to take at night, this made a huge difference and everything settled , after 6 weeks started to feel sensations , which is slight burning , pulling / strange sensation that was like a contraction which kept coming and going during day .Gp up my dosage to take 10 mg in the morning also if I required it .. tried to manage with just 10 but this week started to take extra , it seems to deaden the horrid weird feeling ..

Get anxious as waiting for it to return !!!!

I also feel like not having the teeth in my mouth as it is a weird uncomfortable feeling / sensation which brings on my anxiety in my tummy when I feel the horrid sensations ..

The burning is mild but the whole feelings drives me in sane its as though it's not my mouth or body any more ..

Very hard to explain ..

How long did yours go on for till it stoppped ?

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Yes it's very hard to believe it's caused by anxiety as it feels more than just a panic.

I had mine on and off for a few weeks, then it went onto some problem with resting my legs at night.

I also thought about just not having teeth as it's sometimes so horrible to deal with, I thought that might be better.

I wonder if maybe you have a slight trapped nerve that may have started and that your anxiety has focused on it and made it so much worse. But the fact that it goes and had gone through the tablets just suggests it's plain anxiety.

It's those horrible feelings that your going insane which makes the anxiety worse, I wonder if your worrying that it's something serious health wise? Which may be making you feel more panicky?

It's like a vicious circle. This will go though, it's not permanent thing you will always have xx



It makes me so miserable .

I have tried the Dare approach (audio / book by Barry McDonough called Dare ..)

It is very helpful but still this thing wins !!!

Even my mouth keeps feeling weird with a post awaiting a crown to be fixed .. that feels so big and apparent even though its small , that feeling brings on anxiety in my tummy and feel really on edge and scared ..

Been taking more medication last few days but worry sometimes feelings want to come back and suddenly can get little reminders or body gets use to meds and horrid fear and sensations come creeping in .

So worried this will not leave me ..

The very first feeling I had in lower area was a strange tingling on my lower jaw , then strange sensation in two lower teeth , dentist took the nerves out it all settled but cane back .,

Even that led me to believe it was tooth problems , dentist said nothing is wrong on X-ray must be done neurological issue and / or

Stress ...

The calm with tablets helps but fear when it might West off and. One back .

Always can feel something strange but tablets numb it .. never appreciated my life before all this .. been going on for quite s few months ..,

Ruining my life



Yes this sounds like its been absolute hell for you.

So you've had all the checks and nothing seems out if place. It sound like it must be anxiety due to the calms working slightly.

I know from previous experience that when I worry so much about things not going away, the automatically get worse. It's like your mind can then focus on that one spot even more and make the feelings you have seem stronger than they are.

The tummy feeling is awful and again it's another sign that your worrying about this very much. How would you feel if someone told you that this is 1OO% stress and anxiety and nothing to do with health?

I just say ad sometimes we can over panic when we feel sensations because we believe they ate something harmful xx


If someone said it is only through stress worry anxiety I would deal with it , I think , ...

Have done lots of search on various nerve issues ..

It isant , up to now , severe shooting pains , anxiety / stress def makes things seem ultra sensitive ...

Feelings are like a slight burn , tingly weird sensation where I feel the teeth are pulling and sensations like they feel bigger then they are ..

Taken my amitriptyline night and morning for few days and feels like it is keeping sensations at bay ...

Worry about it returning , the feeling is so weird ..

It certainly hadn't been unbearable pain just unbearable sensations that start my tummy feeling and one thing leads to another ....

Vicious circle

Tried to deal with it without meds , stopped for 3 weeks late Nov to mid Dec and it all came back so started meds slowly and now on full amount for last few days which has more or less stopped it , feel it in a very numb way but next to nothing ...

It frightens me when I feel it ...


I think it's the fear of it coming back that is making you feel more sensations.

If you are scared of something all the time, you automatically pay attention to that area. But obviously this is not easy to just 'not be scared' as it is frightening.

What is your worst fear if this feeling comes back? I wonder if your having thoughts like "if it comes back, it won't ever go again"? Or " I couldn't cope with it again"



I think it is all the things you mentioned plus the thought of it coming back with revengance , then I would think the weird sensations were horrid difficult to deal with but wish I had that instead of some perm terrible nerve pain ..

When I have these sensations and around people I feel panicky inside and really sad and miserable ..

I hate the sensations and what it does can't imagine them ever leaving me , I have tiny sensations with meds , mess helps to calm me and my tummy , I have split second concerns ...

I wish I could go away and someone could just sort this out once and for all and I had my normal life back back ..

It is like living with an enemy that wants to keep frightening me and putting a lot of my life on hold ..

In the morning I get up and ready , feel better when out of bed and dressed ... take each day at a time then next morning it all starts again , sudden fear , etc ..

Comes during the day also but seems worse first thing ..

Going to anxiety support evening on Tuesday , all based on mindfulness ..

Having acupuncture as well , started last autumn .. thought that was what stopped it on one occasion now I just don't know ..

Wondered if I could be stronge enough to rise above all this ...

Did your issues start more through day opposed to night time ?


My issues started at night and I think that's because my mind doesn't relax at night when I'm laying there over thinking. Its so hard to get out of the unhelpful thought patterns but trust me, this will eventually fade.

It's the negative thinking things like "I can't cope if this comes back" or "am I having this forever" which creates your horrible tummy trouble, it also makes you focus on your mouth more which then "confirms" your fears, when realistically, it's just another horrible anxiety trick.

Anxiety certainly does feel like it ruins your life and please don't feel that you are alone in this journey.

Feeling like you are the only one with this problem can make you feel alone and scared.

It's awful to not just have a switch that can turn this off.

And yes, you are strong enough to get through this, you really are. These frightening feelings and thoughts are just one tiny part of who you are. Deep down there is a much more happier self within you that doesn't want to give up hope.

The support group sounds fab. I'm going to one myself soon. I'm actually at uni training to be a counsellor and even I have my terrible times where I need help myself. The more I try and accept that this is just a feeling (hard I know) the easier I can deal with it, and it seems to go away.



Thank you so much for caring and helping .

It would be lovely to stay in touch ..maybe help each other . Like having a friend that understands where exactly what life is putting you through ..

Maybe helping others at same time ..

I have done counselling training and counselled staff when I was managing a learning disability special needs unit ...

A few years back now .. I had not experienced any of this at time ..

Ironically doesn't always make a lot of different when you get hit yourself ..also done CRB course about a year ago , wasn't going through anything like this at the time .

I find these issues so awful not just mine but all the people on here , all ages , struggling ...

I think my past training has helped a little at times , but when it happens to you help is still required from somewhere ..

I have often thought of resent times I would love to help people

with anxiety .After going through it yourself makes it easier to know what others are feeling ... On a good day seems like a way forward to help others , on a voluntary basis ...

Hoping Tuesday will help , very small numbers which I think is good . Organiser seems very caring , and trained ...

You are obviously a young girl , can't find much about you on your profile ..Thankyou ..

Please stay in touch frequently if you can ..

After your issues you will be a great counsellor .. think one needs to experience to truly understand .

However counsellors need counsellors themselves .. from time to time ... I'm proof of that and my trainer has needed to seek a lot of counselling himself ...

Paulina xxxxxxx


Of course we can stay in touch, that would be lovely.

Yes I'm 27 so depending who you ask I think that's young. Haha.

No need to thank me, I just know how awful it is to feel so low and hopeless with it all.

Yes I think your spot on in that when you have good days, you tend to want to help others. And yes I find it helps lots to speak to someone who has gone through similar that can empathize with you rather than telling you "to just calm down" or "get over it".

You sounds like you have achieved lots and it sounds brilliant that you were managing such a vulnerable group in a caring role.

When I have bad times, I feel like I won't ever be able to do counselling but I do enjoy helping people when I ok myself.

Yes a small group sounds perfect for Tuesday. Even if you can learn a bit about anxiety again, it might help to freshen up on your awareness about it.




Find it so hard to believe anxiety can cause so much discomfort / dull ache/ dull type pain ....

Did you experience great discomfort / dull pain / as though teeth stretching out of sockets !!!!!!



Yes mine did go away after awhile. It was onky when I accepted it wasn't anything harmful that it went. Xx


Hi Paulina

I've come across your posts and I'm suffering terribly with a similar situation. Can I please ask how you are now? Thanks

Be good to talk to someone as the dentist has dismissed me and I feel like these teeth are taking over my life



Hi Sally but

Just noticed your message , sorry for late reply ..

Can you explain exactly what your feeling , sensations , pain , burning etc ...

I have had this for a year now and like you my dentist came to a decision that he couldn't do any more for me and advised me to visit my GP ..

I was offered amitriptyline to calm down my sensations and anxiety ..

I have had to try and rise above it and except the sensations ..

On occasions they go but return with anxiety .. meds help a bit .

Mindfulness , meditation helps ..

My dentist even took out the nerves to some teeth , he had been supportive but feels that it could be stress / anxiety .neuropathic or all 3 !

It helps knowing we are not alone ..

Stay in touch as it would help both of us x


I get most of my sensations to the right side of my mouth / teeth ..It is a type of pressure / burning sensation , use to be bottom right now it is top and bottom right ..

Like a contraction that comes and goes , bit nice , not severe pain but can start off anxiety when I have it .. does not bother me at night any more , starts up during day , if I am more active some times the sensations are more apparent although at times they go or they return ..hoping over time it will be history , as time goes by it seems a little easier to except and deal with x


Please get in contact with me Sally ,I know how horrid and difficult it is to deal with in the beginning x


Hi Paulina

Sorry for the delay. I've had 3 root canals in 6 months and had one of those crowned, lower 6... lower 7 was also a root canal but just filled... now I have 2 foreign feelings on my lower right side that my brain and mouth just won't accept. I constantly have to have chewing gum in my mouth so I can accept the feeling and relax. The dentist has dismissed me as ' she's never known anyone not to accept a crown'

Every day I struggle and yet people just tell me to learn to live with it or forget it.. as if I haven't tried. It's taking over my life and feel no one understands

Sally x


Hi Sally but

How are you coping ?

Any change to your situation ?

Paulina x



I also had lots of dentistry before all this happened .

2 of my lower , to right side , started to feel as though they were very big , like rocks ,and then came strange sensations , like burning feeling and my tongue wouldn't stop poking them , although that's stopped to a degree .

Are you suffering anxiety ?

How long has this been going on ?



Anxiety and stress can add to this problem



Hello Sally

How are you coping .

I would like to hear from you

Paulina xxxx


Hi Paulina. I have been suffering from a similar issue for 15 months. Has yours resolved?



Yes ( more or less )

It took a long time to settle , around 16/18 months !!!

Now I don't keep fretting over it and might just have a few seconds twinge or weird feel oppose to all day strange feeling / sensations for months on end .

Can you describe your feelings , how it's effecting you, any past gum problems or severe anxiety ?

I'm so glad it's subsided really drove me crazy at times and felt so anxious and down .


Hi Paulina21,

Firstly wow! I certainly didn’t think I’d come across other people describing this.

I am 27 and have felt odd sensations like this for years, I suffer with (currently undiagnosed) PTSD from childhood abuse. I am currently coming to the end of my studies in BSc Psychology.

I most often describe it as a feeling that my teeth in my top jaw are compressing on each other or growing out of their sockets. I also more commonly feel that my bottom front left teeth (incisors) are alien and have an urge to remove them or check them for looseness (which is never real). I chew gum or brush my teeth frequently to ease these sensations.

I have wondered however, whether anxiety causes these feelings through bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching), do you find yourself also clenching your teeth randomly? Perhaps this adds to the fear and anxiety and produces a vicious cycle.

I am relieved to hear that I am not alone in this bizarre sensation, anxiety is indeed a very strange and convincing problem. Most days it can leave us feeling completely insane.


Hi 7Raven

Sorry just noticed your message , otherwise would have replied earlier .

At the time I didn’t think I would meet anyone either with this issue .

Your issue sounds very much like mine .

It took 18 months to subside and first 6 were absolutely horrendous .

I was always ringing the Dentist on a weekly basis , drive myself crazy and him !!

A lot of it was due to horrendous stress and anxiety .

The more I stressed and became anxious the worse it got , I was so down and miserable .

A few dental issue were found on occasions which didn’t always help as soon as it was dealt with something else happened !

I truly believe I had possibly 2 root canals for no reason but I blame myself more then the Dentist .

He became so worried about my state of mind .

I’ve meant in line 2 other people with similar issues .

My dentist had never come across anything like it and wanted me to see Gp ..

I have minor sensations that that last a few secs on rare occasions but hope I never go through that again .

How are you coping and how long as it been going on ?

I feel for you as it’s horrid .

At one point my tongue wouldn’t stop thrusting all my teeth and my teeth felt big like they weren’t mine .

It was 6/8 months of hell still followed by 12 months of strange sensations most of the time . Total nightmare !!


So sorry to hear you were abused as child .

That’s so sad 💕 big hugs .

How are you now coping with everything .

Do you have anyone very close / soul mate / great friend ? X


oh my god you guys. i feel like i’m going crazy and i’m so happy for the internet right now. i’ve been having insane amounts of anxiety due to weird sensations like my teeth are shifting. or growing bigger or “slipping” forward. (i’ve always had a slight overbite) like i will obsessively use my fingers to push my front teeth back over 200 times a day, i’m sure. this has just started in the last week and right after a breakup (stressful situation) i am prone to intense anxiety and manage it through medication but this weird teeth sensation has brought back panic attacks and is all i think about. the sensations are so physically real i just dont understand how my brain could be imagining it, it feels so real.


Hi there. I can't believe after months of googling I finally came across this discussion. I too suffer from the same/similar feelings. After finally accepting I don't have an abscess, I realise the problems I am experiencing are nerve related. In short, after a couple of stressful situations and referred to a dental consultant I apparently have been suffering from parafunction brought on by stress. Currently I am experiencing intense cold/ burning sensations in top front teeth. It has been entirely consuming me. Some days reduced to tears and utter panic. I am relieved, although you have my sympathies, that I am not alone.


I have the exact same thing going on mainly with one tooth but sometimes in others as wel. I’ve been having panic attacks & have googled for 6 weeks to find out what it is, went to my dentist for a weird gym that’s always been kind of big - he did dental x rays & when he told me I didn’t have an abcess just gumninflammation (I was vaping for a few months and quit cold turkey as soon as I started feeling this weird sensation in my mouth) and then I went back and he told me my teeth were fine and I nonstop think about it and worry that I got an infection from smoking (wel, vaping) while I’ve has fillings etc. this came out of nowhere & it very strange. Please tell me you found a solution - driving me insane.



Hi Pauline. I was so glad to find these posts, not because of what you are suffering of course, but because it means I am not crazy! I have been experiencing very similar issues and it's now so bad I could cry!

My bottom 2 teeth in particular feel very prominent and it feels like I can actually feel them. They are now very sensitive as I keep poking at them with my tongue.

I am terrified they are going to fall out.

I am now using a toothpaste for sensitivity which helps temporarily.

Please let me know how you are doing now?


Hi KDillie

My sensations lasted for quite a few months !

Sadly I think I had a lot of dentistry for no reason, probably due to stress and anxiety .

Some treatment was required although didn’t come up on X-ray ...

Sensations mostly subsided after around 18 months .

Glad I m now hearing of others experiencing similar as my Dentist has never come across anything like my issues in his years in dentistry!

Hope you are coping ok .

Know how difficult this situation is and can drive one crazy !!!


I too suffer from strange sensation in the teeth and jaw and have been suffering for 3 years. I have had two episodes where the the feeling completely subsided and this was when I was on holiday so this would suggest it was stress. The feeling spread to my throat and i have a constant feeling of tightness his is left hand sided I wake in my sleep unable to swallow it causes severe anxiety and panic attacks. I've had it's of neurogical tests and scans and all have came back clear. I just wish the feeling would go away 😢


Hi everyone! Been so upset since December last year having had constant what I believed toothache have been down the dentist every day just wanting some pain relive! And get told it’s not my teeth at last got a referral for dental hospital to be told it’s nerves in my mouth! Even yesterday was so desperate went to acute dental and ask them to take tooth out I thought was giving the pain! I have never known such pain feels like something crawling down one side of face teeth tight gums burning! Can’t believe I’m not the only one and I’m not going mad but how long does it take to be just normal again trying to be positive but it’s really hard it’s like your waiting all the time for it to start wish you all well just sad😥


I had similar a few years ago .

Suffered fir about 18 months , it all subsided eventually after having loads of dental worker which might have been not necessary in some teeth


Does anyone feel all these strange sensations in their teeth could be due to clenching their jaw at night?

I have sensitive teeth, that root canal treatment does not alter. As I clench all night and sometimes during the day. For me, I know this is why my teeth feel funny and hurt!

Clenching is caused by anxiety!


Yes ! I have never felt clenching during the day until this happened and wear a night guard almost every night. I have been stressed honestly about money and then started feeling weird sensations & now it’s all I think about. I try to enjoy myself and honestly I only feel normal when I’m completely distracted / have had a few drinks - so I seem to be relaxed but I wonder if it’s my nerves, anxiety or what. I’m 27 & never had an issue like this in my life. I feel a pulling or contracting feeling in multiple teeth sometimes not all at same time but one tooth (my front one) constantly. It’s driving me insane. Any and all advice. Dentist says everything is find and have an appointment tomorrow. So confused if it’s my bite or what


Hi Audreylove,

I have one particular tooth that hurts more than the others, it feels as though its loose in its socket, tender when pressure put on it. I had a root canal filling in it, so no nerve, no pain huh? But it is still the same. My dentist can't tell why it feels this way, but I know it's clenching. Some days it can be real bad when I wake and others not so bad. I clench I'm the day when I'm concentrating, it's become a habit.

And yes it makes me feel funny yoo, a bit unbalanced, nauseous and my neck and shoulders feel tense and hurt. A chiropractor told me when you clench at night you also tense up your shoulders so hence all the horrible feelings. And I'm the same as you, distraction is the only relief

. My dentist is making me a different night guard as the one I have makes no difference, we'll see. Mine too started with long term stress over work! Keep in touch let me know how you get on.


Just got home after the dentist appointment!

I am definitely feeling better psychologically.

ok prepare for a long story bc I feel I should give all details to be transparent in case there is something I missed or can be helpful to you!

So backstory;

I have smoked cigarettes intermittently for years but within that time also taken years off, but always had healthy hygiene with my teeth.and regular dental visits. I stopped smoking cigarettes & tried vaping (august 2018) right before I had some fillings done. In my head it was still bad, but it wasn't tobacco or smoke, bc its water vapor.. but there is still nicotine in both.. in my head I didn't think anything of it.. but now looking back probably shouldn't ever smoke or put anything like that in your mouth after a procedure; when I asked my dentist what to avoid they said you're golden don't need to worry about anything so I vaped even after I left the dentist from that filling appointment.

as of march 2019 I really wanted to stop smoking/vaping for several reasons, I like to run & that was becoming hard, money was becoming an issue & I was upset at myself for becoming so obsessed with smoking the Juul Vape pen.. it was consuming my life...

So I started weening off of it, and began to floss regularly again (I was inconsistent with that pat of hygiene) and right when I did that I noticed my one gum looked swollen/red . I googled what happens when you quit nicotine, could be that my oxygen was coming back to my gums after being hit with nicotine for months and now my blood flow was increasing there... im still not sure) but I made an appointment & began taking an antibiotic mouthwash after my dentist did x rays and said everything fine. Cut to ---

a few days later when I first felt this sensation we're talking about - thats when I completely QUIT smoking. I got so freaked. I figured even if it wasn't the problem, I should quit while im ahead bc I don't want to lose my nice smile or have problems in the future and hated myself for doing it for so long. so of course once I felt the sensation I began speaking differently to try to avoid the feeling and I was nonstop obsessing / having minor panic attacks that I had an infection from smoking/dental procedure mishaps, etc.

so made an appointment for the sensation issue - he assured me it was CLENCHING. and I did notice my lower right jaw was always clenched and uptight even during the day, and then of course once I noticed that, I clenched more & more. I tried meditation, breathing exercises and googling tons of things to do..I started gargling with salt water bc that never hurts and even wearing my night guard more habitually.

I have a very expensive night guard, but it always felt too tight and put pressure on that SAME DAMN TOOTH. so I never wore it and got cheap ones from amazon which I used probably 5-6 x a week . usually only missing if Im sleeping at my boyfriends and forgot to take with me.... they are okay but obviously cheap for a reason;

SIDENOTE: the one tooth that has the most I would say "hypersensitivity" the one that I'm mainly talking about, with the most sensation feeling - that really concerns me actually has been constantly clashing with a bottom tooth that is moving and crooked. HOOORAY; this might be the answer.

I think the clenching + misaligned bite is whats causing ALL OF THIS. the discomfort/toothache, and then for the muscular nerve sensations that we're all feeling - ITS GOTTA BE CLENCHING- I think I'm clenching constantly due to the fact that im constantly trying not to hit my two teeth. I'm even speaking differently, and so they kind of go hand in hand bc then im stressed out which causes the sensations from clenching. vicious cycle. haha.

I hope you're still with me - I know this seems jumbled. haha

so two things; I had planned to start my Invisalign treatment months ago, but was still filming two movies, so had to put it on hold, (im an actor and having nice smile sometimes comes with my work - hence the major stress ( but stress also bc of the fluctuating income haha )

I think 1.the Invisalign will help align my bite and not have that upper/lower teeth clash anymore (the lower was pressing SO hard onto the top one with specific movements/biting into food sometimes- which again is the tooth with the hypersensitivity & the most weird clenching sensation!)

2. the modified night guard should help !

I think for sure a lot of this is psychological & stress induced. our bodies can do amazing things. honestly I was just freaking myself out thinking I had an exposed nerve / or infection in said tooth - that was the scariest. now that I can rule that out without a shadow of a doubt- hopefully I calm down and that calms everything else down. my Invisalign should come in within the month & I can hopefully have some peace, in the meantime im using sensitive toothpaste and avoiding biting hard foods or extra "chewy" things aka basically letting my mouth / jaw calm the EFF down.

for anyone reading; I know the stress/anxiety this has caused me.. I would just say to not let anyone even a dentist/doctor try to dismiss you; even if you feel crazy, make sure you can rule out any and all things bc teeth are the one thing that are hard to heal or replace without spending lots of money and causing lots of panic. idk what it is about teeth but the fact that we can lose them causes so much stress its ridiculous. find out if you need a mouth guard; bite adjustment or some serious pullback on things stressing you out.

for me; I am super spiritual, I have been holding crystals and cleansing my aura or any negative thoughts. with this being I'd say at least 50% IF NOT ALMOST ALL psychological - please try to ease yourself with things that make you happy and feel very relaxed. ie baths, praying, meditation, playing with puppies what have you.

good luck to all! I will be checking up on this and giving updates.

I still have the sensations but hoping that the relief of no real damage will cure my anxiety that's cause all/most of this. will update when they go away hopefully soon! you are not alone!!!!!!


I'm right there with you. I know I clench my teeth and jaws with anxiety and this causes random teeth, lip, facial and sometimes gum pain which then freaks me out.

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