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So went to the doctor today about food allergies they found two months ago.. apparently I'm highly allergic to everything under the sun. I've been highly allergic to peanuts my whole life but now apparently I can add egg, soy, wheat, dairy , corn , and shellfish to the list... that basically means I can't eat nothing good ... so we asked him to restest my blood since it's been a whole two months since that test was done and he said that he really didn't want to do that . He said he just wanted to jump the "big gun" and put me on a shot you get every two weeks that has bio chemical genetics in it that i read the FDA put a warning out and said can cause death and cancer in patients that basically tell my body to quit doing what it's doing which is reacting to the food .. oh and he also said In ordered for insurance to pay for these shots he would have to finagle some wording and say I had asthma .. like if you have to lie to get me these shots do I REALLY need these ?? They have certain regulations on the medication for a reason ?! And I don't have asthma so I probably shouldnt be taking these then right?! doctors make me so mad. Dont you want to figure out why all the sudden after having a bad stomach infection for months I out of nowhere have allergies to every food under the sun that I never had before ?? That doesn't make any sense and all has to be related.. Dont you think ? I tired to tell him, I said well I was thinking that maybe because the inside of my intestines were literally pooped out by me from my infection that food and toxins were leaking through the wall of my intestines , it's called leaky gut but doctors don't believe in that, and he said no no you need to quit thinking and just listen to me... seriously dude ?? Quit thinking ?? So needless to say I didn't have time to ask him about any other of my concerns . But I called my insurance and im getting that allergy test done again and my blood was taken Today for it . I think I healed my stomach after a hard course if antibiotics and being stick for two months I think that all compromised my stomach .. so anyways back when I got the phone call from them two months ago I instantly went to a health food store and eleminated those food from my diet and took some natural supplements and I've been doing much better since .. so wouldn't you think before shooting me up every week with God knows what for years , that it would be smart to make sure I still am allergic and maybe try a less evasive method if I am?? What a day.. chicken and broccoli for Dinner 😭🙄 oh and one last thing ,, if you were a caring, good doctor , wouldn't you have Called and told me , hey don't eat these food until you come in to see me because you have serious allergies ?? Instead of just letting me walk around for the las two months not knowing what I was allergic to if it's as serious as your making it sound , sir ?? Ugh. I'm just so tired mentally , it's been one thing after another since June .. ive been sick for forever and now I can't eat crap anymore ?? Can I catch a break please ):

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  • I have been sick for months now one thing after another I know how you feel .when will it end

  • Honestly, I would get a second opinion. Try to see a different doctor just to see what they have to say. Your current doctor sounds kinda shady and while it's good to trust your doctors, maybe you should get the second opinion anyway. I hope this all works out.

  • I got the blood work Redone and the allergies are still there. I have an appointment set up with an actual allergy doctor this Friday!

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