Exhausted :(

Evening everyone.

Hope tour doing well. So the last few days have been a nightmare :( iv diagnosed myself with lung cancer, brain tumor, bone cancer, meningitus just to name a few.

I have come down with a cough and merky chest since thursday and so many things have gone through my mind. Does anyone else always think the worst when they are ill. Iv convinced myself that the cough and lung pain is cancer and the chest pain is a heart attack. Its made me so run down that iv been in bed all afternoon.

Im convinced something major is wrong with me but could it really all be in my mind. Fed up.of feeling like death is round the corner all the time :(

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.



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  • I know it's hard but do not Google your symptoms. I had a lady tell me that Google takes your one symptom and looks up every possible disease or illness that may have that symptom. I thought I had heart problem but after testing it turned out it was just a pulled muscle in my back that was pulling into my chest. With anxiety it is like a viscous circle, you get a symptom so you worry about it and worrying about it makes the symptom worse. I am still learning how to not worry but that's my experience so far. Hope it helped in some way 😊

  • Hi ya

    Thank you for your reply. I know google is amazing for some purposes but awful in others, at the same time. Its so hard not diagnosing yourself isnt it lol. just need this cough and misty lung feeling to pass......but no doubt something else will surface soon after :( its so tiring which also doesnt help in getting better any quicker.

    im also so tense in my back shoulders and neck which im guessing the anxiety isnt helping with.


  • I know it's hard to not look up on Google but for a person who has anxiety it honestly doesn't help and it doesn't limit it down to one thing. For example a cough can be a throat infection, the flu, bronchitis and everything on Google leads to cancer. I landed up at a physio because of the tension in my back which was pulling on my chest and down my right arm. You can imagine the things I found on Google about what I had. I know a lot of people who get back ache and headaches due to tension. Your cough is more then likely because your system is run down from worrying and you are not immune to catching viruses now. Look I'm no doctor but I do know it's not always the worst. Sorry for the long reply

  • Hi ya

    No.problem i appreciate you taking the time to reply so thank you.

    Yeah its all just a vicious circle. I was doing well up until now but it seems to habe come back full force to make up for the times iv managed to keep it under control.

    Hope your doing well with your anxieties xxx

  • Yes , finally some one like myself.

    As someone else has said DONT GOOGLE YOUR SYMPTOMS.

    it will increase your anxiety and stop you from thinking logically .

    You would be one unlucky bugger to have all the illnesses you think you have .

    If it really bothers you see your doctor .

    It sounds like that you have health anxiety as I do.

    It is scary as you tend to think from a dark place,

    Once you get an all clear from a professional honesty once you leave his or her office, you will feel assured and it will gently disappear .

    Been there.

    All the best.

  • Just as a side note.

    I had stomach pains,

    I googled them and turns out I had an ovarian cyst,

    As a 44 year old man you can understand how worried I was !!!!


  • Hi you sound just like me ! I know it's a living nightmare when you just want to be happy ! I've just started with the chest tight , sneezing , tickley cough starting an my mind is on overdrive feel like I've got that many health worries going on an then this to top it off! just have to think a week I should be feeling better colds have to run the course hope your feeling better soon x

  • Hi Ali,have you had serious health problems in the past or has someone close to you that has triggered this anxiety?? We are not born with anxiety so something has made you believe your going to get something life threatening!! Trouble is stressing about what might be does make people ill eventually sometimes. If you haven't already spoken to your GP then maybe you should. You could benefit from talking to someone about your fears and why you get them. Perhaps if you keep as busy as you can you won't have as much time to think about it.

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