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Chest and shoulder pain??

Hi there, wondered if anyone has simalar symptoms. I suffered from extreme anxiety, panic attacks and agrophobia for 3 years, I overcame it and now it has returned due to having one health issue after another. I have convinced myself I have something seriously wrong with me and I am struggling on a daily basis. For the last few weeks I have been waking up with pains in the side (left) of ma chest and now in ma shoulder. The pain seems to go away when I am busy at work (probs taking my mind of it) although I find getting to work very difficult and I am shattered. I am so scared that there is something else wrong with me

Any advice or help will be much appreciated

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Hiya, I have the same thing happen to me so I do know how you feel.... have you mentioned this pain to your GP? I think you had better do that before we talk about it being anxiety. Do comment if you have been put in the clear by him :) love from x Ella x


Hi yes i get this my chest tight and numbness in my arm was worried so asked my gp and said it was my muscles tightening due to panic attacks but do check with your gp asap so you can then try and relax but exactly same as me and when occupied it goes let me know how you go xx


Thankyou for ur comments :) much appreciated. I went to ma doc a few weeks ago about the pain in my chest and she seemed to think it was inflammation on ma chest wall but I thought it would have been away by now. I am aware that it's worse when I am having a "bad" day so just wondered if anyone else has this. The best way to explain where it is is down the side of my left breast and the left one feels tender, not sure if that's all in my head though. I have been very good at giving myself plenty physical symptoms through worrying. I had no idea anxiety could cause so many symptoms, aches and pains.



Hi Thanks,

I can really identify with your pain as I have a lot of problems with my neck and chest and shoulder muscles. Some of it is due to damage but it is made much worse by anxiety and how tightly we hold ourselves. I'm glad you've seen a doctor. I'm afraid it does take ages to wear off. I have mine treated by an osteopath now. It costs but it's worth it to have it sorted out quickly. The pain can be ridiculously bad.

Try not to let it prey on your mind (yes, I know, easier said than done) but if you're still worried or in a lot of discomfort go back to your GP.

Hope you feel better soon,

Best Wishes,


Thankyou very much lizard, I have seen a few of ur replies to people and I couldn't have put it better myself. :) ur advice is helping a lot. I have had a really sore shoulder all day (feels like a trapped nerve) but I also have this pain and flutter in the left of my chest, feels strange and doesn't seem to b getting any better. I am sick of going to the doc as they always put everything down to anxiety but I am going to see a different doctor tomorrow as I need reassurance that it ain't anything else causing it then I may beable to relax and give the pain a chance to go away. Didn't think it would last this long :( xx


Thank you for the kind words :)

Definitely see someone else. Yes, you have anxiety but you can have other things too!!!! You need and deserve to be taken seriously everytime. The problem is anxiety has an unhappy knack of showing up and clouding the symptoms. The fluttering could be an interference by the anxiety or it could all be a trapped nerve. You don't know - that's why you're going to the doctor!!!!

Let us know how you get on.




I have the exact same issues. 3 years a one month so far. I have been to doctors and they all test me for thyroid and lupus and I come out super healthy. But I starting getting these stupid panic attacks that cause horrible shoulder and chest pain etc. the only saving grace is I work in medical and I can talk myself into the it's not a heart attack mode and just wait it out.

I will say, the only thing that has helped with the aches and pains and with the anxiety is I get massage therapy once a month and it really does stop the shoulder pain from going into my neck which seems to stop the anxiety. At least minimizes it. I believe my body is not happy muscle wise and hitting nerves.

Highly recommend the massage therapy! I am going tommorrow cause I had 3 days of awful panic attacks and shoulder pain to the extreme.

Good luck!


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