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Not sure if anxiety or heart attack 😭😭😭

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Hi guys,

I'm new to this group. for past few days I'm feeling very much weird when I try to sleep or relax/rest. I have dry cough with wheezing. I smoked for 6-7 month once but I quit. for that smoking history I convinced myself I have lung cancer. That fear led me to my doom. I don't laugh, I don't talk, I'm so depressed. whenever I try to sleep or relax my heart beats sooo fast, my body becomes sooo warm and I suffocate. bothh of myy arms, legs and chest felt ache. arm and leg pain lasted 2-3 days. I'm not sure what to do. im so afraid to go to doctor. please help me. (sorry for my bad English)

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It doesn't sound like a heart attack. It sounds like an anxiety attack panic attack. Along wit u stressing alot and being really depressed i would go see a doctor so u can get a real clear idea what's goin on.. u dont wanna make yourself have a heart attack or a stroke.. but if u need answer right away go to the hospital. But most importantly relax and breath deeply and release slowly. Hope u feel better soon. Rafsa007



Your English is perfect :-)

I am so sorry you seem to be suffering with Health Anxiety

As you only smoked for a short while I do not think that will cause lung cancer and if you were having a heart attack I think you would have known it by now and not just getting symptoms which sound anxiety related

I no you said you fear going to the Doctors but please don't as they can test your chest etc and reassure you health wise you are fine and you can ask what they can do to help support you with your anxiety :-)

I hope knowing you have somewhere to come and talk about how you feel with people that understand will help in a small way :-)

Take Care x

rafsa007 in reply to Hidden

thanks a lot you two.I feel a bit relieved that its not heart attack. I think I will take a visit to a human mechanic soon.

Hidden in reply to rafsa007

I would , let us know how you get on :-) x

rafsa007 in reply to Hidden

sure lulu 😊

antianxiety in reply to Hidden

Hi Rafsa

Both awesome advice but we know ourselves how overwhelming these aches and pains can be..even going to the doctors and getting the all clear get many of us to believe its true..This forum does really help because here we all know the good old friend called fear!!! and that just makes everything worse. Just know that we are here

Gods Peace and love


rafsa007 in reply to antianxiety

yes u r right. May Allah bless us all. Amin.

I've felt like this for almost a year now. It's not a heart attack although I know when you experience stuff like that it's scary and your mind leads you to think the worst. To ease your mind make a doctors appointment it helps! Get your heart checked out so you can relax. Take care 😊

rafsa007 in reply to Mloanddb

ok bro. I will. tnx a lot all of you for helping.

Ur very welcome rafsa007. Hope u feel better take care 😊

Learn breathing techniques and meditation. Best, find a meditation group. Temporarily, perhaps you could find something on youtube that you could listen to on very low volume while falling asleep. This could be a talk or guided meditation. It would take your mind from the obsessive thoughts. Personally, I have taken on and off Ashwaganda and Valerian root to fall asleep faster and have deeper rest. Quieting your mind, however, seems to be a key.

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