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Convinced I have cancer..

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Hello I am a 24 year old female. For the past few weeks I have had a pain just below my left collarbone. It is worse when breathing and it seems to come and go. I have been to the doctor who said it was a pulled muscle. Well I am convinced otherwise. So I contacted him again and he ordered a chest CT which put me in a full blown panic attack. I am convinced I have some kind of cancer and I am going to leave my babies motherless. Please help!

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Your doctor will have arranged the scan to put your mind at ease and to prove to you that everything is ok... I often worry about that sort of thing but then I ask myself: am I a trained medical professional? The answer of course is no so who am I to contradict the doctors opinion.... You will be fine, have the scan and move on with your life 😊 take care.

Thank you

It’s very difficult to control your worries in such situations. I am always like that...I demand checks and scans and then I panic about the results. I think until you get your scan results, you’ll just need to try to get yourself distracted. It’s very hard, almost impossible esp when your brain is telling you that it might be cancer. I’ve been focusing on cancer for years now...and what I have learnt is that NOT every symptom is a cancer.

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I’m trying to talk myself down. Easier said than done I guess.

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How about not to talk yourself down but rather not to think about it at all? When you are trying to calm yourself it might not be very helpful because you are still thinking about it. And when you are in a fragile state of mind then your fears will always win.

I have the same fears as you. Every time I try to convince myself it’s not cancer, I start googling to get more information. But my poor brain only focuses on bad stuff and symptoms I have. Instead, maybe try to do smth else? I know it is easy to say it as I am exactly the same but it worked for me in the accept you are anxious about it, let it in but don’t interact with it. Just let it be. Maybe it’ll work...

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It’s worth a shot. Thank you!

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Good luck :)

If your so convinced what type of cancer do you think you have. Your Dr must have run a CBC on you and if you had cancer some indication of some types of cancer would show up. An ultra sound would be a better choice rather then putting you through a lot of radiation.

I always think that too. Especially with the amounts of radiation I do monthly because I always think soemthing is wrong with me. I have two more X-rays coming up and I just want it to be over with already. :/. I hope you’re okay atm. Sending my thoughts and blessings to you.

Not really much advice but some friendly moral support in saying I know how you feel, I found a lump and of course I panicked ran straight to gp who said it was a blocked sweat gland ....... well I’m convinced he’s wrong of course & now my shoulder is aching which my brain says is the cancer spreading all over of course!!! Any day now I’m going to drop Down dead my kids without a mum and it makes me feel so depressed, cried & cried & cried more yesterday. It’s horrible.

I hope your okay

Just guess I wanted to say your not alone and anytime you want to talk I’m here and we can hopefully laugh together and take steps in fighting this.

Love 💕 lotsa xxx

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Thank you so much. It’s hard to trust doctors. Even though we should. Best of luck!

the more you worry about something the worse it gets meaning anxiety and bad thoughts. i sometimes think i have every kind of cancer there is i know it's in my own mind. more than likely it's just a pulled muscle. from your description if the doc finds nothing physically wrong then you are fine and it will heal itself

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