Ugh here we go again

Hi everyone hope all is going good with u guys my latest ugh feeling pain at the bottom of my left shoulder blade all I can think of is cancer why is the only think that my mind goes too of course I've been on google about lung cancer even though I try so hard to stay away from Google I have no cough I'm breathing normal as far as I can tell but now who's this pain I'm losing it again please someone reach out I was at doctors about March had blood work done all ok so why am I always worring


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  • Hello Olivier I've had anxiety since March this year X I experience pains in my left shoulder blade as well X think all sorts of things X but had blood test they come back ok X thyriod test came back ok X urine test ok X e c g and heart monitor came back ok X doctor said all to do with anxiet X so now I'm waiting for a scan as the pain is in my stomache gong up to my chest then runs to my back in my shoulder blade X I'm sure it is anxiety as it gets worse when I worry about it X we all think the worst when we have something wrong with our selves X

  • Thanks for replying anxiety sucks and when I worry it's so much worse when I seem to be getting better I get some weird pain I google and part of shoulder blade pain is lung cancer which of course it doesn't help that I do smoke ugh

  • Yes everything goes through your head and worse thing you Dan do is Google it x I'm my own worse enimy fir ding that x have to stop it x

  • You don't have cancer trust me, it's all okay 😊 it's just anxiety and it's irrational fears

  • One thing my mom always told me is that cancet does not hurt at the beginning. And if it was already in a serious state you would definitelly notice.

    I had unecplained chest pain. Even trouble with breathing. Feeling as is something heavy was on my chest stabbing me and holding my throat. I went to doctor. All okay, lungs perfectly fine. And the pain went away after a few days.

  • Orida, we are our worst enemy. I'm glad you're okay. x

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