Final straw now. HELP!!!

Hi everyone

I'm struggling really bad now.

Stomach pain cramps and back pain constantly feeling like shit. I have convinced myself I have cancer and fear nothing anyone says or does will put my mind at ease. I feel the only way this will stop is when the doctor confirms I do have cancer and my life is over. Sorry to sound like such a wimp 



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  • If you need to find relief from all this, then yes go to the doctor but I don't believe you have cancer, it could just be you panicking and being anxious 

  • Hi I always feel like I have cancer to. My physical symptoms are beyond terrible. Neck pains, back pains sometimes stomach pains, chest pains, dull pains in my arms & legs, horrible fatigue oh & my personal favorite shortness of breath I'm a pretty strong person & I've been doing pretty good after what I've been dealing with since this all started in December. But I'm definitely at my breaking point.

  • Have most of this too, I'm 67 have had just about all of the problems on this site, just get through one and another one comes along. Just keep fighting them off everyone. We get stronger with each symptom we fight off. Its a terrible thing to have to deal with all this Fear, Panic, Anxiety, And Depression  Day after day. but.... to bad, it is how we are, and at least  we no we are not alone there are Millions of other people with the exact same things we have. Keep fighting  :)  It could be a lot worse I guess  ???  Right ??

  • You sound just like me!! Everyday it's something different to fight through!!  I'm 64!!  Just wondering if you always had terrible anxiety symptoms or did you get them later in life. I had my first panic attack 9 yrs ago and never knew why this all started for me. But have been fighting many anxiety symptoms since. Some days worse than others 

  • Hi Kathwins, I've been going though this since Grade school :(  My Mom was like this, and my brother is too. I'm An Agoraphobic, so mostly I'm at home, and lots of time alone, to worry and have all the What Ifs, like I said after fighting with one problem for months it will slowly slip to the back of the line and a new one moves in. I very seldom go to the Dr. don't want to hear what they might say, cuz then my mind will take off and drive me crazy with that. I pray, and try to find a good self help book, for the fear, panic, anxiety, and depression. Still looking, some of the books help some obviously, just haven't found a really good one. My mom suffered most of her life with this too, she went to a Therapy  Group called Recovery Class, that helped her some, I have her book from there, It doesn't seem to help me. Good luck Just keep working on it, This will get easier to deal with, and for you.... you might find the way to fight it and make it go away, if you do let us all no :)  Knowing we're all here to help each other is a Great comfort  <3

  • Dear Michael83,  

    I am sorry you feel like shit.  I know that when I am having stomach problems, my anxiety will go through the roof!  Today, I am with you because I was having nausea and bloated feelings earlier and my heart went into tachycardia mode.  Which only makes my anxiety worse and want to panic.  You DO NOT have stomach cancer.  Just think for a minute, ok.  The most logical reason to your stomach pain is something you probably ate.  Even if you ate it hours or days ago it can still affect you now.  Be kind to yourself, take it easy the rest of the day.  Take care

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