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I felt like i was going to faint

Hi i only joined to ask someone this but at school today i was doing a science experiment and all of a sudden all the muscles in my body weakened and i felt like i was going to collapse, luckily i didnt. My eyes also blurred out, i dont know how to describe it but it was like a dark shadow around the outside of my eyes slowly caving in and making my vision more and more blurry. I was shaking so much, i couldnt tell anyone so i just leaned against the wall slowly walking to the teacher and asked sir if i could go to the bathroom. He could obviously tell i wasnt feeling well so he let me go. I have also had a tiny little headache that pops up every now and again.

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This happens me a lot in crowds I have social anxiety


This happens when you have social anxiety. It used to happen to me until I learned how to control it. After going to CBT for over a year now many of my symptoms have gotten better.


It does sound as if you nearly fainted, rather than having a panic or anxiety attack. It is sensible for you to find out why it happened. Were you making anything in science that could have affected you? If so, tell your science teacher as it is important he knows. Also, did you bend over and then stand up suddenly? Time of the month maybe? Other things to consider is had you eaten breakfast? Low blood sugar can make you feel faint, as can over heated rooms. Even a sudden growth spurt can cause this as it takes time for your body to adjust to pumping blood around a larger body. Why not talk to the school nurse or your doctor, to eliminate any medical reason as it is more than likely a simple answer.

Please also note that there is an age limit to this site, so there may be things on here that you could be better off not reading. Perhaps talk to the Admin before going further here.


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