never felt like this before anxiety?

hey guys i am new here. sorry about the story i am going to type but i got to give you the information right from the start. i am 23 year old male 6 weeks ago i had a bad cold,flu coughing up yellow,etc,my dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital for 1 week. the second day he was in the hospital,i felt short of breath,whole body felt numb ,face went numb,heart felt like it was beating out of chest,my penis went very small and hard could not bend it or nothing.I went to the docter and they told me it was an anxiety dad is now out of the hospital and doing good but ever since that episode in the hospital every day for 6 weeks i am constantley short of breath all day long and dizzy there might be a few hours out of the day that i feel alright.i have been to 7 different docters and 3 different hospitals and i find it hard to believe this is anxiety.every time i have an attack i sometimes have different symptoms,but my penis going small and hard i do not no what is going on there.every day the middle top of my chest sturtum feels sore ,my left arm is numb somtimes my right,my head feels like it is on fire ,dizzy very warm to touch.i have been very very gassy like burping.i am constantly yawning,and i have sore back.for the first week i could not really sleep felt like i stoped breathing.but that got better.And in the morning when i blow my nose it is yellow its been like that for about 6 weeks,i am easly startled to,and tired all the time,i cant even realy do anything without feeling likeim having a panic attack,short of breath almost all day every day for 6 weeks.and last week i had a bad flu where i was vomiting and runs for 3 days my gf and my daughter had it same symptoms. i am a mess lol is there any thing that can help anxiety the dr got me on ativan but i dont take it i try to calm my self down i find i cant sit or relax or anthing when im having one i have to go out side and walk around,some times feels like im going to pass out its like my vission goes right bright


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  • Hi just so you no it is anxiety ive had panic attacks for three years am also 23 and for the last 6 months ive had all the symptoms of anxiety aswell as the attacks I think personally what made me worry so much whick led into another attack was all the weird symptoms I was having I just couldnt believe it was down to anxiety I thought something was seriously wrong with me I thought I was dying I get a lot of gas constantly burping feeling the urge to go the the toilet light head dizzy feeling sick back ache neck ache lower back tired all the time doing the smallest job was such a big effort I think when u come to terms that it is anxiety and even tho your getting all these horrible symptoms your not in no real harm it gets easier you just need to be positive and dont give up go back to docs try different meds try cbt sooner rather that later anxiety is horrible an i wish i did something about along time ago but I think now after three years am starting to control it

  • thank you very much i am glad im not in this alone i thought i was dying ,it feels like im on the urge of having a panic attack all day long short of breath,and it is very bad in the morning. but thank you very much for the reply

  • Hi cody and welcome :-) oh very new to the anxiety issue I remember that feeling 10 years ago :-( yes everything you are saying are symptoms of anxiety ....the gas ..our body reacts when it thinks there is a danger so it gets ready to fight or run away from danger ....faster heart beat (adrenaline) tingly arms n skin (body doesn't really need skin to fight so all the blood goes to where it's needed) our breath becomes more shallow and rapid, I'm not male lol but suspect anxiety is affecting that too as it isn't needed to fight or run away.....try an app called headspace ....this helps have seen your dad with his heart attack and think how your family would be if it happened to you... Hope you and your dad get better soon

  • oh i tell you anxiety is not fun it can hit me out of no where and thank you very much for your reply u guys are more help than my docters were . and my dad is doing a lot better he is stll on his med and will be for another month but he is back to his foolish self again thanks u are a great help all of you

  • another thing that scares me is the short of breath and sore in middle of chest and right side chest like yesterday i was driving and all of a suddin i started to get dizzy felt hot ,my vission went white for like a couple minuts and one time it felt like my heart skiped a beat in the middle of my chest

  • The shortness of breath use to scare me but never let your self breath fast or hard just nice long slow breaths I was constantly dizzy aa couple of weeks back I got blurred vision for the first time which was scary but since coming on here on this site over a week ago I havnt really had any symptoms its because all the physicall symptoms I was feeling I wouldn't believe it was down to anxiety but three years on if anything was seriously wrong with me I would be dead now and also reading soo many people feeling all the same things that I have and and you mentioned u feel all day like your about to have an attack I was the same I would wake up and straight away I had a heavy heart tight chest chest pain a feeling of dred your not alone and you will get better you just have to believe you will if you need to speak more about anything am alwaays on here

  • Thank u did u ever have your heart beat really fast when you get up or you are moving around?

  • Hi Cody and nice to meet you

    Just to say that when my daughter was very seriously unwell a few years ago I actually developed an extra heartbeat .. they called it an ectopic heartbeat .. now I wouldn't believe that anxiety would actually cause an extra heartbeat but it did .. I had an ECG & everything was fine, so it shows the effects that stress & anxiety can have in the body

    I hope you keep better

    Best wishes

    Lesley x

  • Yh all the time I would get up out of bed go down stairs to my a brew when I stood still I could here my heart thumping it was beating that fast and hard it felt like my heart was in the top of my neck

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