It's all my fault

So for the past 5 days my 8 year old daughter has been acting weird shes been having mild anxiety attacks shes been missing school she says she only wants to stay home with me she makes me sleep with her she hasn't been eating well it's really scaring me I been dealing with anxiety and depression for a while so I blame my self shes feeling like this because of me. I just don't know what to do shes to small for having all these horrible feelings and thoughts. Help


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  • Hi izzy01, it can happen in young children where separation anxiety appears. It might be because she worries about you not feeling good but it can also come from her own insecurities. A child psychologist or psychiatrist would be able to see where the problem is coming from. Try not to wait too long to get help because it will only take hold and become harder to reverse. My foster child was like that when she was young. It was like we were joined at the hip. She couldn't handle being separated from me. As they get a little older, that separation anxiety can go into stomachaches or headaches. Children can't distinguish the difference. I wish you and your daughter well.

  • I don't want to scare you , but I would take her to a Doctor for a check up. Has anything happened to her recently, bullying , is she afraid of something. I know nothing about anxiety in children, but I would want to take care of it asap.

  • She said nothing happened at school, and I took her to the doctor they had us talk to a counselor and she said she thinks she's confusing sad with bored, but my daughter tells me that she just gets bored at school, but she was doing great at school I don't know what started all this

  • Something must have happened at some point. Does she know she won't be in trouble for it. Most kids take on blame. If school is what she's avoiding something might have happened there. Have you spoken with her teacher? Maybe she could write about what is bothering her, she might be embarrassed talking to you.

  • Your gonna have to put on a brave face when ur feeling anxious, What i do with my children is tell them that mummy is alergic to chocolate, i tell them i shouldnt have eaten the chocolate, in turn they always say mum you know choc makes you feel sick, i always reply, i know but its so yummy. Children pick up on so much and i want my kids to enjoy a fullfilling happy life and not go through what i go through every day. Its entirely up to you but its worth a try to tell her that you found out why u feel so bad, pick a food that is not specifically great for you that she eats too and tell her that if you both stop eating or drinking it (could be a juice) that you will both start feeling better. Its all psychological, but it should work. If u do try it let me know how it goes.

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