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Share my happy news :-)

Hi all after that stupid doctor had my nan, mom and sister in the room telling her she had bowel c, the results of her ct scan came today and thankfully she hasnt. Shes got something beginning with p, (i forget the name but know it starts with a p). I could go back at the doctor for saying that and causing upset and stress but at least she hasnt got it xxx

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woop woop thats fantastic hun now what did i say the older ones are the strongest give nan a big X from us and you did right to keep your cool dont stress on the past just concentrate on being thankful your nans ok sooo pleased for you hun hugs n kisses xxxx


The older ones am defo thestronger ones :-) thanx sheffield for ur kind words. Hope ur r feeling ok xxx


donaf that is fantastic news , I am so happy for all of you

Big hugs




yes dona done ok today luv taking one day at a time like most people on here will have my ups n downs i suppose been to docs again and he said i look so much better than i did 2 weeks ago in othep words i looked DOG ROUGH but felt it still worrying about pains n flutters but trying to get by just good to keep in touch with all you great people thanx hun xxxx


Oh Donaf, that's BRILLIANT!!!! Excuse me but - WHOOOOOOOPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D

SO pleased for you all,my love, that doctor should be bloody shot putting you all through that :(

But great news, made my day - needed some good news!

Love n hugs




That's fanastic news!!! Big relief for you and family!! Big hugs xxxxx


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