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It's driving me crazy


I'm 20 and I've been having anxiety since I was 11. I was on Lexapro and went off and was doing pretty good for a couple of months now I think I have it again. I have visited the ER seven times I had a CT scan, three bloodwork, x-rays,everything normal.Im having back of head pain and pressure,muscle spasms,shaky,stomach aches, nausea,dizzy, so many different symptoms I can't keep track. It's driving me crazy because all i do is sit home and googled my symptoms. I think I have a brain tumor or some fatal illness and that I feel like I'm going to die. oh my family thinks it's anxiety because it's been happening to me for so long back when I was 14 I did the same thing and went to the hospital 6 times and called the ambulance. and I ended up getting hospitalized in an inpatient facility where they got my anxiety under control and I was fine. I can't sleep and it just seems like it's getting worse in the back of my mind I think it's in anxiety but then another part of my mind thinks it's a illness. I started back up on the Lexapro 10 mg hoping that will work for me. i'm just scared because of the symptoms feel so real to me and the hurt and it's just hard to think that this could really be anxiety.

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Hey Matt, sorry this is happening to you. That sounds horrible! Maybe you should give your doctor a call and tell her you can't sleep or relax so that she can prescribe you some clonazapem or xanax. I know it can be hard to convince your brain that you're okay when it's in panic mode.

Have you thought of this? If you're not dead, even with ALL the symptoms, what makes you think something is going to happen?

If you were really suffering from anything, you would know by now. Don't get me wrong, get all the tests you want, but let those be indicators that you are OK.

Once you stop paying attention to them they will go away on their own. I'm living proof.

It takes time but you have the time.

MattFrez in reply to Devin76oh

Thank you it's just very hard because it feels so real.I get one pain and it sends me right back to were I started.

Devin76oh in reply to MattFrez

that is expected. But think of this, you used to get the same pain before the anxiety even set in. So what did you do then? Either you went to the doctor OR got over it and moved on. So why can't you do the same with these new feelings? You don't need to start over again, just move on from where you are.

You would be surprised how far you can go with just letting go and seeing the symtom pass.

Ive got stomach pain. I've had it for 4 days now. I know it is my anxiety. So what do I do? I just continue on because for times in the day I don't feel it and eventually it will all go away. Sure it is going to come back but I know that it will leave to. And that is was I call life. =)

MattFrez in reply to Devin76oh

Thank you so much it means a lot !!! I'm going to take your advice and just let it go.What will be will be.

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