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So my anxiety has really been on an overdrive lately today i was just reading some post on here and suddenly felt pain around my heart area it was so sudden that i flinch and jumped then yesterday i felt 2 sharp pain again around my heart area amd of course it send me in an instant anxiety attack it took me so long to calm down i am so sicl and tired of this anxiety controlling my life.


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  • Cwoodside,

    I've been experiencing the exact same symptoms. My anxiety has been terrible for about 3 months now. I woke up at 4:45am having chest pains in the center of my chest and back, nausea, and burning in my stomach. I instantly started panicking. Now at the end of my work schedule, it's time to dri e home, an hour away and I'm starting to panic again. I keep praying that God deliver me from anxiety. You hang in there too. Hugs

  • Uugh kenya we will get through this with God's help i pray he deliver us.

  • Amen Amen! Indeed we will

  • Ikr i told myself just one more visit would put my mind at ease but we all know only for a period of time that would do that for

  • Omg same! Whenever I go to the doctors I have like a few days of peace and then it slowly begins again.

  • Hi cwoodside, I would say those sharp instantaneous pains that you feel around your heart area are more due to tight muscles than your heart itself. Once we let in that fear of a symptom it easily can go into an anxiety attack. The anxiety does not have to control your life. You have what it takes to rid yourself as well as stop an attack from coming on in the first place. Because our muscles are so extremely tight from being anxious all the time, it's not surprising to get these annoying symptoms from time to time. You need to change your frame of mind in telling yourself this is not harmful as well as not give into the fear. Walk away, get involved in doing something when that happens. Don't let it stop you from living. You may be sick and tired of feeling like this but not angry enough to take your life back from anxiety. You can do it cwoodside.

  • Your reply has given me so much hope i try to tell myself its just anxiety sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt and it overpowers my mind i do feel my muscles tensing and relaxing often im my shoulders especially thank u so much for replying i will try harder to change my mindframe.

  • I have problmes with my chest muscles my left side just above my breast and around collar bone. My shoulder and left side of the back are all tender and my doc said it feels imflammed too. They don't know what exactly it is could be strained or could be coming from my bad posture so been sent to physio. And j have to say whenever I get an anxiety attack and I calm down my chest flares up and I can get sharp pains or just a weird discomfort so I definetly would say it's Coz of the anxiety and how you tense your muscle probably all the time because of it that causes the chest pains

  • Yes i definitely tense my muscles sometimes without me even knowing that i am i sometimes feel when my shoulders relax or my chest area relax then i would know ive been tensing but i didnt know that tension can cause these weird pains ive learned something new today thank u for your reply

  • I think it's kind of like with your arms. If you tense your hands for a long time and often they will start hurting you to after some time. With our chest muscles we don't even know if we are tensing them. We are probably more aware of our heart beat or feeling dizzy that we don't notice. And doing it often Deffo will start showing its effects

  • So tbh. I'm not even surprised my chest gets painful sometimes and flares up and don't blame it really my muscles just suffer from my anxiety as much as I do

  • Sorry for so many replies but also I would recommend a heating cream. I have this cream that's for muscle pain and it heats up your muscles once you put it on and it helps me to relax them more and soothes them after an attack.

  • Thank u i will try that

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