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Why is this happening ??

Hi all ,

Last Saturday I went horse riding with 3 friends and had a great day , we rode in the bush for nearly 4 hours . But as we where only 10 minutes away from our Utes and floats one of my friends has a siezure and fell of her horse sideways hitting her head first ( thank god for helmet ) . I jumped off my horse and took of her helmet and put her in the recovery position as she was gagging and very rigid. She has not had a seizure for about 8 months . But since then I can not stop thinking about it . Dreaming it and waking during the night with it continually going through my head . So now I'm worried it will happen to me . FFS why is this happening ? I felt so do sick today and haven't had that fir ages .

Any ideas anyone .... please

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First of all well done you for helping your friend and caring for her,it must of been very scary,its one of them things that happens ,you have no control over,and you dealt with the situation well,i think we all replay thoughts of things that happen usually the bad things tend to sit in our subconscious,and like you say comes back in your dreams and sticks in your mind,its only been a week and i would say thats normal to feel anxiety from that day,in my own experience certain thoughts stay at the forefront for a while and then they gradually fade to the back of the mind as we move on each day,and other thoughts replace them and we worry about something else or we enjoy good things that happen too,id say its all part of the normal thought process,time helps and you will have put this at the back of your mind before you realise,dont dwell on it too much,just take from it the good that you are great in a crisis and a good friend to have around,


Worried 111 yer it's just bloody lingering and hope it will go as you said . And THANKYOU I did my best and what I knew , it's funny how CPR / first aid kicks in , in a crisis , and yes very scary . Even after about 15 mins after it happened my anxiety kicked in but I did control it . Thanx again 😀


Wonder if you have found a reason to have fears after your friend's seizure and fall.

Believe you did and is same as my thoughts. It was a shock to your system and a wake up call to remind you these things do happen. Believe it was a natural feeling and reaction that will fade as yu and your friend continuing your normal lives . Congratulations on knowing how to care for your friend.


PTSDforyears thanx , had a good night last night so hopefully fading . Yes a big shock as her fear was always having o seizure while riding . But she was lucky we where walking at that stage cooling our horses down. Yes anything can happen in a blink of an eye ...


Good to hear the impact is fading, both in body and mind. A fall from a 16 hand horse could be deadly, no matter what the pace, if the horse spooks when you fall and tap dances on you.

I was raised in Kentucky "horse country",

Louisville, KY . Walking distance to Churchill Downs,and 30 minutes from a plethora of farms with various breeds of horses all the way to Lexington, Kentucky, the "bluegrass region"an hour or so away.

Can't tell I have a real respect for these creatures,right? I had a concern that your friend might had been stunned enough to want to back away from riding again....due to the fear of another seizure. Hope that doesn't happen. What breed were you riding, if you don't mind sharing?

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Have had horses all my life and my children and now my granddaughter . It's in our blood . My 2 horses are quarter horses one black and one an Appaloosa and are 14.2 he , who I love dearly . Love our riding and I have fought my anxiety to get back riding due to so many years not riding . I would freeze and couldn't get on , my heart would race so so fast . But great people on her pushed me and encouraged me to just do it . And also the support of my great friends . I'm 52 yo and loving life , all the adventures on horse back . My friend doesn't remember anything and Wants to ride tomorrow , got all clear from Drs . 😀🐎


Thank you for two quarter horses that can stop on a dime and make sharp turns as well. You, sir, are a true Cowboy. Was thinking you might live in England and would have a warm blood breed.

14 hands on the Appaloosa ......I can just envision the muscular gait on that horse.

So glad you overcame your resistance to ride again. And that your friend is A-OK with the doctor and wants to ride again.

Just one thing, if she has never had a seizure when on a horse before....well, I just don't believe in might be helpful to draw a timeline from before the ride, through the ride, until she had the seizure. She doesn't remember, but I'm a real pain in the butt about details (practiced law too long?). From what she did, ate, etc. before mounting, and details of the ride itself, etc. There might be some small thing that triggered or set her up for this seizure, and figuring it out would be a great relief.

My dad was a trained thoroughbred jockey, who gave up that passion when his children were born. Much too dangerous a sport and have the responsibility as a father. We lost him at 90 a few years ago.

Even though he had Parkinson's, as long as his legs were in good shape, he rode. At 85 the last horse he rode was an Icelandic, even though his hands were not much assistance....those small show/riders are remarkable. That special gait ( a troit?) allows even people with rather severe back injuries to ride comfortably....much more so than even a Tennessee Walker.

There was an Icelandic farm close to Louisville, and every spring the new season of those horses were shipped from Iceland...(and can never return to Iceland to protect the breed) and were sold long before the summer was over to individual riders. But at the price they bring, I could never afford one.

I'd fly up from Tampa periodically to spend time with Daddy and drive him to that farm; the Icelandic owners allowed him to walk the white fences and to choose which horse he wanted to ride that summer. When he could no longer ride, he'd help groom the stable manager's horse.....who would become jealous if he was helping with another one. lol

I investigated if Florida had any Icelandics available....the only four registered had come from that Kentucky farm. ONLY four among all the horses in this state! (I have two fusions in my back)

Oh,well.....karma :)


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