What is happening to me ???

Hi all, if you read my other posts you can see more about my struggle with anxiety. This post is focusing on the last few days.

I had been doing relatively better, slightly improving I guess you could say. Yesterday morning I woke up and felt incredibly sick which is just the usual but it felt different, I got ready for school regardless, I left to walk there (with no intention of actually going I just wanted to make it look like I tried) then I came running home several minutes later and refused school. I hardly ate and at around 7 oclock i started crying uncontrollably for no reason, I felt so weird and just didn't know what was wrong with me and I couldn't stop crying. Eventually it stopped, I went downstairs and spent time with my family and again I started crying, they couldn't tell but I immediately went upstairs and quietly said I was going to bed, I spent the next 2/3 hours crying my eyes out. I refused to go to school again today, I still felt awful but thought it was slight improvement from yesterday, then about 30 minutes ago I wad downstairs and my brother complained at me for having all the bottled water in my room and I ran out the room and burst out crying, now here I am, still crying, not even about my brother??? I don't know why I'm crying but I seriously can't stop, this has only ever happened twice before but jt only lasted a few hours, this has been 2 days now and I don't know what to do, I'm going to get made to go to school tomorrow and I simply cannot cope


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5 Replies

  • Have you spoke to your parents or doctor how you are feeling?

  • My mum knows, it's only been the last 2 days so my doctors aren't aware but I have counselling tomorrow so it will get Brought up then

  • Brightstar0109, It sounds like you had some improvement for a while which could have been due to the medication. However, I can see you are still overwhelmed and don't feel in control of your life and so the tears. You are feeling very emotional right now and I only wish your therapy were more frequent. I think it would help for you to talk with someone to lighten the burden you carry around. At 16, something is bothering you which needs to be addressed. Is it something at school, something at home?? My daughter was your age when she refused to go to school. I understand the fear. I hope this gets resolved soon. I think your anxiety will settle down.

    Hugs, Agora1

  • Nothing bothers me I honestly have such a good life, I have an amazing boyfriend and friends, I've even got a puppy!! But everything just seems like so much, I just want it to be gone

  • Brightstar, I'm glad you have your boyfriend and friends to support you. As well as a "puppy". That's great therapy in itself. I know people who have felt better emotionally having a dog. I noticed you are seeing your therapist tomorrow. Hope that goes well for you. Keep thinking positive. x

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