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Has anyone has this symptom ??

Ok so I was having my lunch break eating fruit salad all of a sudden I got this terrible pain under and along the bottom of my ribs like a band going right around to my back . I stood up and was trying to burp , and then I had the urge to use my bowels . I did and was like a bomb , all off a sudden I felt terribly hot and then boom my heart raced so so fast , I then felt like passing out . Once leaving a toilet really felt like collapsing went to the basin lent over that throwing cold water on my face . Still in pain and at the same time my belly was rumbling as if hungry ?? Also wanting to burp. This went on for about 20 mins seriously went to yell out to staff to call 000 . The pain then eased off but kept coming back on and off every 10 mins . I seriously thought it was a heart attack cause the pain . It then kept coming back on the left side high in the ribs . Felt terribly anxious the whole way through 😫😫

Any thoughts please .

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I think you had food poisoning


Or heart burn or an gastritis


No def not food poisoning


Sounds very much like a tummy upset, 24hr bug perhaps, they cause pain n urgent bowel movement etc, the racing heart/palps will be your reaction to the fear of experiencing the sudden symptoms xx


THANKYOU , it eased of but it wasn't just a tummy upset it was very high up under my ribs . So do u think because of the severe pain all off a sudden bought on a slight panic attack ??


Absolutely yes, I think it triggered your anxiety because you were not only in pain but no doubt scared too, if you get the pains again though you could perhaps mention it to your doctor, it may help ease your mind too :-) xx



Yes will def mention it next time . But I think your right it trigged a chain reaction . THANKYOU for your reply always helps

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