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I have been suffering with the above for nearly 2 years now and after seeing a therapist for a few months she said I definitely have generalised anxiety which probably makes my IBS a lot worse and her counselling didn't help me and suggested that maybe medication may help. I have never liked the idea of medications but am getting to the point where I may have to as everything else has failed (counselling, relaxation/hypnotherapy CD's etc)

Before I see my GP I was wondering what medications people here find helps them most, I know there are many types (SSRI's, beta blockers etc etc).

Thanks for listening.

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Did you try the Phenergan , Nick ?

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Yes I did but absolutely no help with the IBS but still take it as it helps me sleep.


Och that's a shame. It's so hard to stop this vicious circle. I still have odd days when I need Imodium and diazepam to help me. I know you don't like taking medication but honestly it's better to take whatever helps you rather than living in misery .


Hi Nick

Your doctor is the probably the best person to advise with a suitable medication, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another, it's difficult to say, some people find that they have to try a few different types of medication until they find the right type for them, you'll get there eventually though, let your doctor help you find the right medication, keep us posted, hope you'll soon find something suitable, xxx :-)

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See your doctor and try the medication. Remember that you did not get to this point overnight, and it will take time to correct it. I take phenergan sometimes to help me sleep, too--it was a little helpful with the IBS, but I'm still searching too. Don't give up.


Hi, I am new to this forum but have been dealing with my IBS for at least 10 years now.

Just like in every other case it was developing slowly over time starting from heart-burns every other day to cramps/pains, constant winds etc currently. Anyway, around two years ago I got to the point where I almost couldn't eat anything, even drinking water was giving me all the symptoms !!! I went to the doctor and was prescribed with Setraline (SSRI) 50mg for the start but now I am currently on 100mg a day. I have to admit that after a year of being on this medicine my condition has improved greatly. I feel like my upper part of intestines are much more relaxed now and all those symptoms has moved down somewhere. Unfortunately I also feel like that dose of Setraline I am on now isn't having an effect on me as my symptoms are slowly coming back so I am planning to go and see a GP this week.

There is a lot of other stuff that can help you with dealing with this terrible condition. One of them I found recently is Silicolgel, it seems to protect the stomachs and intestines walls and also binds the toxins together removing them efficiently from your body. I found that very helpful to be honest but I started considering bacterial flora transfer as I heard and red it might help. Most of us in my opinion have lost some sort of bacteria species that initially lived in our intestines due to taking some sort of antibiotics whether directly or through food and generally eating rubbish and a lot of not organic processed food etc. The main thing is not to give up as one day someone will find a cure to this live ruining condition and I try to hold on to this thought every day which I wish to you all too. I am happy to share my stories with anybody interested.

Lastly, please pardon my English but that is not my native language.



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