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Depression & Anxiety escalating, feeling so out of control!

Have been reading this forum for ages but never posted before. Have struggled to cope all my adult life, have x3 boys (now adults) with a genetic syndrome so always in & out of hospital, have a brilliant husband but no other support! Last summer I finally cracked & am taking 20mg Escitalopram. I have endured escalating health issues past 6 years & do not know how to cope anymore. Am still having counselling but struggling emotionally & physically daily with my pain & stress. Not sleeping & so tearful, please help ...

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Hello and welcome:)

I'm sorry you're feeling so low.

I'm a great believer of Mindfulness.

Checkout Headspace and

Try to practice this twice a day.

Hope this helps xxxx


Thank you Yummimmi, will check out your suggestions, I have bought a few books which were recommended on here, they do help but you have to be in right mindset which I know I'm not right now. Have also watched various vids on YouTube which were suggested by fellow 'sufferers', some helped others not so but that's cos we are all different or 'special' as I like to say! Thanks again


Hi & Welcome :-)

Well done doing your first post I know how daunting that can feel & wondering if anyone will reply & I am sure as people come on they will say Hello :-)

You are going through a lot & I can only imagine the pressure you must feel under

It is normal to feel tearful & not to be sleeping well but over time this does change , it can feel like it never will but slowly it will

You seem to be doing all the right things getting some help , are you getting plenty of support other than your wonderful husband with your children & your own physical pain that you have to deal with , if you feel you are struggling talk with your GP & ask what support you could maybe get even if you have asked before ask again

We may not always have the answers but we do know what it is like to deal with anxiety & how it feels so I hope it helps in a small way knowing that someone is there to listen :-)





Thank you whywhy for your kind & wise words. I do not have any other support & are not in work cos I am my sons (23yrs) full-time carer, although he seems to be helping me more than I am him atm! I'm sure I could get more help somehow but it's about 'letting others in' which I cannot cope with right now, I feel that where I was doing all the right things & making progress, albeit very slowly, now my health has deteriorated my anxiety & depression has grown to overshadow everything else, does that make sense? I feel useless & a failure, & stuck in my 'bubble' . Thanks again,


Hi Scooby

Sorry for the late reply

It was so nice to read even though you are your sons career he is helping you , he may be getting something back by doing this with all you do for him :-)

When we have health problems as well as anxiety & depression it really does magnify everything so much more & we can get stuck on what I feel is like a merry go round not knowing how to get of

I totally understand about not letting people in , I am also quite bad with that to but I have learnt & it is not easy that sometimes it is better to face that fear & let people know we need the help , it can be the fear which creates more anxiety standing in our way therefore we cant get out this bubble & receive the support we deserve

I also ask what I am fearing about letting people know I need help

Is it because I am worried they will think I am a failure & so on because believe me they don't that is just how we can feel because again anxiety & depression can make us feel this way but to others they see someone trying their best but in need of extra support

You are not a failure far from it dealing with all you have to deal with you must be a very strong women as there would be many that would have fallen at the first hurdle trying to cope with all that you do

Think about asking , what can you loose but you never know you may have everything to gain :-)

Take Care



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