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Anxiety back with a vengeance

I have suffered with anxiety for a good few years now, after about a year with some counselling and somewhat strong mind i managed to get my panic attacks under control and led a fairly normal life again. But this year its back and probably worse than ever, i cant get on public transport, i cant walk to the shops 50 metres away, i cant be alone. I honestly cant do anything anymore and i cant cope, help?

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HI Ick, I don't think we have spoken are you new? If so welcome x Sorry to hear you are a sufferer to x But well done for getting the panic under control :) I think as with everything it can slip back and bite us when we least expect it, but just remember you have done it once and you will do it again. It may seem worse this time but I think the mind leads us to believe this as anxiety wants to win by any means. I can understand how it feels when you cannot do anything as I suffer from agoraphobia and have not been out properly in over a year x Just recall all the positive methods you learnt before with your counselling and don't be afraid to go back to your gp and ask for a re referral x IN the meantime keep chatting and you will get some great advice xx Donver x


Do you think maybe you are only convinced that it is worse? Like maybe it seems worse because you are dreading it coming back? I'm not sure, it's just a thought. But Donver22 is right, you did it before and you can do it again. Why wouldn't you be able to, after all? Stay strong and you will beat it..

I'd recommend going back to your GP. It seems weird that it would just suddenly come back? Do you know what the trigger was? There must be something to have changed you...


Hi chloe :)

I had a shock seeing your pic thought you were my daughter for a mo you look very alike she has same hairstyle and colour !

She also suffers with panic attacks and anxiety , sorry to hear you're having a tough time right now , if the counselling was helpful before maybe it's worth trying again :)

Mimii xx



I am sorry that your anxiety has come back with vengeance

Has anything been happening or happened that may have triggered this

You have some health problems ?

Sounds like your panic attacks maybe one reason why you have this fear of going out , subconsciously we can be afraid of the " what if " this happens while we are out !

Have you been to see your GP , it would be a really good idea to get their support

Keep talking on here sometimes it helps to know you are not alone & people do understand & you will get lots of support :-)





Thanks guys it's been a really stressful 2014. I think i know what the triggers are but even knowing themi still cant control it.

So far since new years i've been told i have an ovarian teratoma which could be cancer (thankfully it wasnt) my boyfriend also had a pretty major operation in january and i just went into meltdown that day and havent really recovered since and i have been in major pain myself with the tumour, been rushed in for emergency operation and received an additional diagnosis of endometriosis. On top of this i have this unexplained dizzyness and shakyness when i need the toilet!

So i dont feel safe to do anything or be alone because im scared to death of passing out or something. I have latched on to bottles of drink and carry them around with me thinking if anything goes wrong the sugar in it will keep me from passing out or something :S


Oh wow sounds like you have had a rough year so far. Its good that you know the triggers its always the starting point x Sorry to hear about your own probs and your partners its never easy when people we love become ill suddenly x I would definitely go back to the gp to cover ground from this illness to make sure really you have not got a underlying infection which could be easily treated x I can fully understand the fear of death, I think in the world its the number one fear of most people x Its also the biggest cause of triggering anxiety.I think under all of these circumstances it worth asking to go and see a counsellor again or maybe asking for cbt therapy x Dont worry about the water thing we all have our little safety devices and if needed at this moment let it be xx



You have been through an awful lot , I am not surprised reading this that your anxiety has come back

I really would go & see your GP & tell them just how this is affecting you

Maybe some counselling will help even if you have had some before

Low sugar level drops are quite common & in women when they are hormonal even more so , if a sugary drink helps I wouldn't worry about that to much for now , but have a word with your GP



Hi, I have suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia for a long time, but I have been managing it fairly well. That changed in January, when my anxiety became really severe at one point-such that I had to leave my exercise group and phone a taxi. I didn't think it would be any better when I got home so to avoid doing that and calling an ambulance I asked the taxi driver to take me to A&E. I was checked over physically, (which is good because I actually have a heart condition too). Saw the doctor, began to feel a bit calmer. I was told to contact my GP. I then went through a referral service in Islington (called iCope) and have started CBT. At least there is some support there. I sometimes try to handle it with a a grin and bear it approach too but that doesn't always help. I think the main thing is to get some support- I am doing the CBT, but there are other alternatives. I feel I have to find what is right for me at this time. I wish you all the best, and sympathise with your situation.


Well today i have had quite a bad day. I was woken up by my mum at 10 declaring she was going out with my dad and then my sister declared she was going out. Instantly from that moment i felt the panic set in but i refused to let it get to me, i lay there for 5 mins and i calmed down. I then went downstairs had breakfast and whatnot whilst my sister was still in. But then my endometriosis pain set in and i started to get shaky and dizzy again at one point i found myself crying in the kitchen because i didnt want to be alone. My mind then settled a bit when my sister told me if i really need her to come home just give her a call (this is highly unusual for my family to be nice and somewhat understanding) i managed about an hour. Then BOOM it all came crashing down, out of the middle of nowhere i felt my hands start to vigorously shake, my heart pounding out my chest at 100000000bpm, getting dizzy. My juice i latch myself onto wasnt helping, i got a yoghurt that didnt help. I then asked my boyfriend if i could phone as he has an amazing ability to calm me down and persuade me its ok i will be ok nothing is going to happen. Then the panic set in even more, and i was stood there like who do i phone first do i phone my sister and demand she gets home? do i phone my boyfriend first and see if i calm. I then freak out so bad i grabbed the keys and ran out my front door like some crazy lady considering knocking down my neighbours door for help. Then my boyfriend was phoning me so i went indoors sat down and talked to him, it took atleast 15 mins to get me relatively calm.

But im still quite terrified about the whole ordeal.


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