Headaches! Pressure! And vision!

The triple threat! Anyone else have primarily head symptoms as part of their physical anxiety? Since my problems are mostly all head related now I'm starting to get antsy about what's going on, everything else seemed to get better but the head stuff.

I've pretty much have constant dull headaches that can get nasty some days, facial pain, eyebrow pain, probably from nerves in those areas. Also my eyes are really sensitive so certain lights and environments make my vision messed up, and that's also pretty constant.

Just hoping to hear some of your stories, it's good to know we're not alone!


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  • I get headachy but my main "head" issue (physically) is that I get ringing in my ears and hear my heartbeat in my ears constantly (like the way you feel after you do a rigorous exercise like a long run). I swear I see a spot in one eye as well. But I saw a neurologist, had a brain MRI scan (I insisted) and get yearly eye exams, so far no one has found anything. I have slightly elevated blood pressure and I know that can contribute to most of the above as well, though

  • Sometimes I get ringing too. I still have trouble believing all this head stuff can be from stress it's insane. Glad you got the MRI and have been all checked out!

  • Yes same here. but I also get the constant dizziness and unbalanced feeling. but my vision gets fuzzy/blurred, dots floating in my vision. eyes cramp some times. definitely the head pressure , ear pressure , wierd head sensations. Eyes sensative to certain lighting and the sun, oh and sensative to sounds to. like right now my eyes are tired feeling and my sound is sensative to my beep from the smoke alarm in my house. every time it beeps I feel it right in my ear like it's beeping right inside my ear. and awful ringing in my ears. one night it seemed so loud I could not sleep because that ringing would calm down. the dull headaches are crazy because I constantly anticipate it to turn into terrible headaches

  • Ugh I sympathize, sounds a lot like what I'm going through. I feel like my eyes haven't slept for days, but I just slept 8 hours last night! And yeah I totally feel you when it comes to the headache, I'm so worried they will get worse, it's like navigating a landline! It seems like too much physical activity always make mine worse. Hopefully we can figure this out! Still looking for ways to reduce it

  • Atleast you actually got 8 hours of sleep . I'm still struggling to get good sleep. it's like every day I'm battling something with this anxiety plus not getting good rest. Then my mind constantly dwell on everything all day or when I'm just sitting around doing nothing. Like you said, I'm still trying to figure it out.

  • Hi how are you now? Did you have get better? I get the same symptoms

  • That used to be my biggest issue. I panicked into thinking I had a brain tumor. It's not, it's really anxiety. I used to get head pressure, constant headaches, stabbing pains in my head. Drink a lot of water. Once anxiety is out of your life then you won't get those odd feelings. If the head issues are accompanied with double vision, nausea, fever, vomiting.. then it's time to see a doctor. Also, take vitamins. Hoping you feel better.

  • Thanks for the reply, this is helpful and reassuring. I never really had headaches before and these ones are very strange, brain fog. Pressure, vision sensitivity, you know the drill. So it's nice to hear that other people are experiencing something like this too, even though it sucks! Again thanks

  • I hope the anxiety goes. I was free for 1.5 yrs and then it came back. I never got headaches before and then started with head pressure, stabbing pains, etc. I just noticed that once I broke free from the anxiety, I stopped getting headaches all but once in awhile. Hang in there. You will beat it!

  • Hi, I've just come across this group and your posts have helped me enormously already. I have other health issues but anxiety can be so debilitating. Recently diagnosed through hearing loss n tinnitus (ringing and buzzing) MRI an archanoid cyst on my middle left lobe. It's dormant but under a lot of stress recently and anxiety levels very high. Pins n needles, headaches... Aches n pains...forgetfulness... Am I right in thinking anxiety can cause the symptoms you've already discussed and more?!

  • Thanks! I'm glad they could help you too. I can't believe stress can screw us up this bad. With our symtoms I think a lot of stuff can cause them, anxiety being one of them, so it makes the whole acceptance process very hard, but from what I've read anxiety can definitely be a major player. Hope we can figure it out soon!

  • Yes, me too. I have an appointment soon to tell my doc, but sounds like migraines. It can be fixed...or managed. Us high panickers don't breathe right, and cause headaches and migraines, which easily affects vision and eye sensitivity. It is what I struggle the most with as of recent. Putting a cold washcloth over your eyes or neck helps. Find a quiet dim room to rest in, and control your breathing. This is all helping me but I still need to see my doc. Our ears also can affect our heads. I don't have answers yet, but I am managing it best I can. Definitely my anxiety tho.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'll try some of the things you mention. I just never thought migraines could be like this, it's like so constant with all these weird sensations. Hope we figure out how to beat this soon!

  • Headaches and migraines can do soooo many weird things. Guess what helps my headaches????? Plenty of water, a cup of warm water with fresh lemon once a day or two. And....Vicks VapoRub...Yes! It works! I rub it on my temples and sometimes on my little nose sometimes. Even just smelling it for a few seconds from the jar. Only for headaches tho. It truly helps.

  • I tried the Vicks thing and that helped a bit! Thanks for the advice. I just wish the headache/head weirdness wasnt so constant. Be nice to get a break

  • I know, mine is also doing that lately...it will pass. We need to keep calm and control our breathing.

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