Headaches and Dizzyness

Hey guys, I've had anxiety now for about 4 months now so I'm still fairly new. It all started with heart palpitations and now as of late, it's been headaches, head pressure. Sometimes, I feel like I can't focus. I don't feel like I'm actually there.... I know it sounds stupid, but does anyone know what I'm talking about? I've also been extremely dizzy the last 2weeks... I'm starting to get freaked out. Could I have something in my brain?


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  • Also, I feel like I forget how my day goes on a daily basis sometimes.... like I said, I'm there, but I'm not...... So hard to explain.

  • I feel like that all time 😔I hate how it feels like it controls your body.

  • Yep. I totally now how you feel. Your not alone..... my anxiety has like ruined my memory. I'm so worried about all the stuff in my head I forgot what the hecks going on in front of me lol

  • I know how you feel I get all the same symptoms I take medication for the headaches etc but the palpitations and the dizziness really do suck it's a matter of accepting how you feel and see your doc if it eases your mind

  • yes, I'm, very similar, have had the dizziness, brain fuzzy feeling for about 3 months. It wasn't vertigo, had my carotid arteries checked and they were clear. I'm 66 in very good health and like to exercise, but have trouble walking, except like a drunk.

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