Help tension pressure headaches stiffness neck back of the head slight numbness

I get one sided-headaches (that change between a stabbing pain ), neck tingles, face numbness, dizziness, and a brain fog where I just feel out of it. Nothing has changed in my life . Drs say migraines and thought it was only a mix of a bug and muscular/skeleton driven headaches. . MY HEAD LIKE IT WEIGHS 100 LBS N I FEEL SOFT TISSUE head n neck back head pressurecant sleep ughh. ITS NOT SO MUCH PAIN ITS PRESSURE STIFFNEZZ HEAVY HEAD NECK BACK HEAD .. ANYBODY HAD ANY THIS???


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23 Replies

  • Hi

    I suffer with tension headaches & migraines & they can & do give you all the feelings you have described

    The more we are anxious the muscles especially in our shoulders & neck tense creating these feelings

    Have you asked your doctor about any medication that might help or maybe some counselling ?

    As members see your question you will get lots of good advise & will see you are not alone which does help

    Try relaxation exercises , listening to some relaxing music or taking a warm bath to help relieve some of the tension




  • have you had an MRI

  • No ive been hospital already n drs ...everyone keeps talking bout migraines , Nooo this isnt so much about pain its more to pressure tension stiffness and now even laying down it hurts its uncomfortable I have to be switching positions sitting up moving around massaging my head behind my ears my forehead my eyes my shoulders and even that's not helping anymore I've tried esgic motrin advil soma & I don't have insurance and hospital bills piling up . I've tried icy hot warm pads ,hot baths , ice packs

    Its aggravating n uncomfortable

    Iv'e drank liquor 2 c if it would relax me , nada , back head lil bumps swollen

    n er said dats normal because of the stress

  • Hi

    Could I ask if you could try & stick to small case when writing as capitals can be hard to read unless its an odd word here & there

    Thank You

    Well drinking will only make it worse so I would recommended you refrain from that , it is not the answer & wont help

    It does sound like anxiety & I am sure seeing so many doctors they will be right

    Look round the site & you will relate to other members who have anxiety & these same symptoms & what they do to help themselves


  • Please get your thyroid checked x

  • I have experienced what you have gone through and I have found that going for a massage has lessened the agony and I am more relaxed now. Talking has helped too..

  • Hi Imraan

    Welcome to the site :-)

    A massage does sound like it would be good to help with the tension :-)




  • I had the same thing for about two weeks..My DR prescribed me muscle relaxers (flexeril) and some naproxen. and after about a week I feel way better.

  • I get pressure in my head and am not 100% if they are tension headaches. I think these have made me an anxious lad. I've tried everything almost. I am going to see a chiropractor as the more research I do I see it's related to neck back and shoulder x

  • Hi, I just wanna know what was it. I have the same thing now. I've had a pressure in my head for over 5 days and the dr. told me it was a tension headache. It is there all the time. Sometimes worse sometimes better but its just there, u know. I hope u are ok now. Could you please tell me what did u do for it to get better/disappear? I don't want to panic but I just want for it to go away...

    Thank you!

  • Hi David. I've had this going on for almost a year now. It's really changed my life although is say I tolerate them better now. At one point my mood was so so low :( gp's are too quick to guess and u have to push for investigations. I go to get a second opinion from neurologist later today. If u want to talk u can ask me for my number if you like. I've tried many things and rules allsorts out.

    Alan x

  • Yes, please I would really like to talk to someone who understands this.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • 07964976745

  • Oh is it a UK number, I am in Australia. Maybe I can call u via facetime audio or Skype audio or something...

    Thanks so much I am really desperate.

  • alan.price864

    X I am working nights next few days but add me and I'll make contact. Hang in there buddy x

  • Skype.....alan.price864

  • I know! its dealt bad that you have to do all the investigations yourself!!

  • has anyone had an MRI to suggest what the problem is

  • Hey did you ever figure out what was going on?

  • Hi Alan

    Are you still suffering with head pressure? I have been suffering with headaches and pressure at the back of my head for the past 7days - even lying down is not helping actually worsens. I just want to know if you got an answer to you why you were/are suffering and what the outcome of your problem was. Also did you have numbness in your arms? thanks, Karen

  • I get pressure in my head and am not 100% if they are tension headaches. I think these have made me an anxious lad. I've tried everything almost. I am going to see a chiropractor as the more research I do I see it's related to neck back and shoulder x

  • have you ever had an MRI

  • I have the same problem. Saw a neurologist yesterday and he said my muscles are incredibly tight. When he pressed on them I almost vomited, became dizzy and my vision got black. He said he's never seen that happen and is sending me for physical therapy to try to loosen up my neck/head muscles, wants therapy to include heat, massage and stretching.

    My anxiety and stress are incredibly high and they (headaches) come on with emotional upset.

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