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Want to be me again

Hi. I'm 47 and am experiencing a lot of the symptoms listed here by others. I had ankle surgery in March and have felt like this since. It is no fun! I'm a busy mom and want to feel better. The weakness, shaking, and anxiety are making me crazy. I'm taking phosphatidyleserine to keep high cortisol levels down. I don't know why this started up after surgery. They also took me off lexapro in June bc they didn't think it was really working anymore after 10 years. So, maybe I need to go back on something? My new psych dr suggested cymbalta. I've been going to an integrative med place as well. What finally worked for people to help their symptoms?

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long shot but have you ever had your B12 levels checked - some people - myself included - develop psychological symptoms long before anything else. It can be caused by lack of B12 in your diet but generally its caused by an absorption problem. The liver stores B12 in good quantities and recycles it but this mechanism depends on the same absorption process as is bust. Developing a deficiency as a result of an absorption problem can take years or even decades. If you had nitrous oxide at all during the ankle surgery then that will have inactivated the B12 in your blood so it wasn't available to cells - I had similar after surgery for a broken ankle.

Unfortunately there isn't really a good test for B12 because what gets measured is the amount in your blood (serum B12) and not what is actually happening at the cell level.

This is link to a list of symptoms


and if it sounds like a possibility I'd recommend joining the PAS forum

dealing with GPs can be quite difficult - they generally don't understand it and tend to think that it is all driven by macrocytosis - enlarged and rounded blood cells - but this is just a symptom.

I had 40+ years of anxiety and depression which all went when I got my B12 levels right


A whant my old self back to so hard my symptoms are a think am going to die all the time so horrible dont no how mutch a can cope but trying to for my kids


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