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Scared again and want to cry


It has been a very stressful week and my anxiety is sky high right now. I’ve had off and on mouth/jaw/sinus/ear pain from grinding & clenching my teeth during the day for the last week and a half or so. I also have been getting random pains off and on in my upper and lower arms and chest muscles and random feelings of my stomach knotted up. My head tells me anxiety but it still scares me that there’s heart trouble and sends me immediately into another panic attack. That makes me lightheaded which scares me more and I’m afraid I’m going to die and leave my family. My boyfriend and I are approaching our 1 year anniversary and planning something special but inside I’m scared I won’t be around for it. I HATE this feeling😭😱

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When I start to feel this way I have to take a break, deep breath and meditate. These things seem so simple and useless but don’t discount them. They do really work. In your mind invision what you want (peace, calm, happiness) and don’t focus on your symptoms. When I focus on my symptoms they get worse. If haven’t tried deep breathing or meditation pls do try it. It can provided you with some relief.

ooh i have had my days of those symptoms especially the jaw sensation i too use to clench dwn on my teeth in the night whenever u get those sensations just tell yourself its anxiety way more easier said than done i kmw right but u have to try and beat this and not be afriad of the symptoms go on and plan and enjoy your upcoming anniversary!

Do you get much time for yourself? Or are you always busy with work, or juat busy doing something in general?! I find that I get easily overwhelmed and overstimulated. When that happens my anxiety rises and then the physical symptoms start showing up. As uncomfortable as it may seem at the time a slow down is much needed and necessary. Your to-do list can take a break for a while. Focus on yourself only. Not your sensations, thoughts, or symptoms just you. Do some meditation. Take a warm bath. Watch something on tv that you like and just slow down. When you are aware of a reccurent trigger thought happening tell yourself that you’re ok and don’t have time for that. Seems silly but after awhile it works.

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You bring up a good question. I work full time during the week with weekends off. The evenings are gone to laundry, dinner and relax as it’s just my boyfriend and I. We have a cat and 4 grandkids between us but don’t see them much. We make time for relaxing though so I don’t really feel overwhelmed. We had a great weekend and I’ve been feeling a lot better the last few days. We’ve been together for a year today and he gave me a sweet card and flowers last night.

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The card and flowers sound lovely! I am glad to hear that you are feeling better! Maybe the weekend was just what you needed. :)

I'm sorry you experience such incredible anxiety. I understand how debilitating it is so make sure that you are taking time for yourself to breathe and be in the present. My therapist has recently recommended a book to me that has been absolutely phenomenal, it's like $5 on amazon I think, it's called Overcoming Fear and Worry by H. Normal Wright. I read it and then do the exercises in it and its truly been a huge blessing for me. Maybe you can find some peace in reading it... Take care.

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Thank you!

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