I never want to feel that bad again!

Ok so last night I forced myself to go out for my husbands and father-in-laws birthday meal. I was doing quite well considering. Until I started eating and BANG hello anxiety😒 I couldn't finish the rest of my lovely food or have any of the lovely desserts that was on the menu. My body started tingerling my digestive system was really sore as if the void had got stuck,I couldnt burp to get rid of the wind it was such an awful feeling.I was really struggling to breath proper but was trying to keep it in so no one would notice I didn't want to ruin the meal. I started going hot and mouth started to go dry, my chest was so tight I just wanted to run outside. We finally got home and my anxiety was so bad I had a panic attack and my husband took me round to my mums were my panic attack got so bad I nearly ended up venterlating (if that's how u spell it) we nearly went to an emergency doctors, until my mum who has had a panic attack before knew what to do. Aperantly if you get someone to rub the top of your back and lean forward it really does calm you down. I was so upset I thought I was going to pass out.i ended up staying with at my mums that night I was so frightened my body was completely out of control. Today I've been so tired last night sent me west I've been exhausted today.

I never want to feel like last night again. Has anybody else had this experience before? X


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  • Hi there, sorry to hear how you are feeling. I experienced this on Christmas day and had to go home. It's truly awful.

    I was at a wedding yesterday and managed to get through the long day but yes these symptoms are horrible.

    Are you ok today?

  • I'm just tired it feels like it's just drained all my energy out of me today,but I'm better today, nearly had another panic attack but I just tried to breath through it  :) x

  • There's nothing you can do about situations like that. I think you were really brave to stick it out like that. And you seem to have a great support system to help you when you need it. Stay strong!

  • HI I have gone through the same as you many times, you are not on your own. I have found that there are many ways to help you take your mind off the situation. The problem with anxiety is that people focus on the problems at that moment in time which increase the anxiety levels. I found that going outside for some fresh air, or popping some headphones on to listen to music or calming relaxation sessions, or reading an online newspaper takes your mind off the current situation which in turn lowers your levels. I had anxiety like you for 4 years, now I am free and in control again. 


  • Aww fab, how did you eventually over come it? I've been doctors today and started on medication, but I'm fussy on meds so I'll see how I get on

  • Hi

    It took me 4 years to recover. The first thing I realised is that a pill from the doctors is not the answer. I read about the condition via books from amazon, took a course of CBT therapy, practiced relaxation and distraction techniques, and took up a new hobby. Yes I was put on Mertizapine tablets they took about 3 months before they worked, and then I was not sure if they was working or not, they just made me tired, it is not like a headache, take a aspirin and it goes. Anxiety is different you have to attack it from every angle. Good luck, just ask if you have any more questions

  • what helped get rid of it the most? I'm getting to the point where my anxiety is at its worst. I need help.. ): 

  • Hi I would say distraction. The problem people with anxiety dwell on the problem often thinking they have other health problems too, you can read it in all of the posts. If you can take your mind off it then you start to feel better. We are surrounded by doom and gloom in the news, instead try to look for the good things in life. It does not go away overnight. think of anything you used to like doing, be it watching a film, going for a walk, watch a comedy program, and try to concentrate on the theme or the things around you when you are walking. It does help. If you can find someone to confide in that helps too

  • I usually try to keep myself busy, my mum who is now retired has been brilliant, she might take me out just for a short while to try get my mind off things. Have u been to ur doctors for medication to help? X

  • I was on Mertizapine, it is not an instant cure. People build there hopes up on popping a pill, you have to find your inner strength to get you through

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