Just want to feel normal again

I am 41 years old, almost 100 lbs overweight, sit at a desk for most of a 12 to 14 hr a day high stress job, and I have been suffering from anxiety for over 8 years. Every little twinge feels like it is something life threatening. I have learned to control it much better over the years, but here lately it has really sucked. I have had sinus issues (I hope) and that just sends me to another level. Is it a stroke, heart attack, blah blah blah. Then I make the worst mistake of all. I Google my symptoms! Then I get the stomach spasms (hard to explain) and the dizziness, and so on. I can't tell you how much better it feels to just talk it out to someone that won't perceive me is a crazy person. Sooooooo glad I found this site.

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  • Hi there my name is Stuart I've been with anxioty for a year now I was 24 stone I've lost 4 stone and down to 20 long way to go I try and go to the gym every other day but I get busy also I have GAD I take no meds it's sounds like we are alike stressfull jobs it would be great to chat on here if your up for it and share ideas you never no we may be able to help each other.

    I take no meds for this condition as I feel I can do it without but I sometimes wonder to be honest I also have very bad dizziness I find being with mates hard but I starting to have friend round at weekends now. I don't drink ether not coffee or tea I run my own Drama School we put on productions the cause of my breakdown last year

    I also do relaxtion but think I should do more

    I find home life stressful as well 3 kids who I love but wipe me out at times

    My wife who's very supportive but she's never been where we are

    Sorry about going on but the you go

  • So do I by the way

  • You are the first person in 8 years that gets where i am coming from. i have 5 kids myself and have been married for 20 years. My wife tries to be supportive, but she just does not understand. I would definitely like to keep in touch with you. Again, i cant tell you how much better it makes me feel to know that there are others out there with this condition.

    Sounds like you are from across the big pond. I myself live in Texas.

  • Texas a black tea wow I'm from wales in the uk I'm dyslexic by the way so please forgive me my dreadful spelling and grammar but I'm sure we can help each other do you do any relaxtion 8 years that scares me that's a long time to have had this do u think it's the job ?

    It would be helpfull if you could outline more about your self so I understand how your feeling I have no fear of sickness but understand that you do, what do you do or more to the point are there things that you don't do I try not to avoid anything

  • I will get back on later this evening when I get home. Thank you all so very much for your help.

  • Hi Shanelee


    First I noticed that you are concerned about your weight & sitting at a desk all day will not help I do understand but maybe when you have your anxiety more under control you will eventually feel strong enough to deal with your weight , so for now don't put to much pressure on yourself

    It sounds like you have health anxiety as I have it myself even though mine is a lot better than it used to be but yes we focus in on everything & in our minds it is always life threatening

    I used to google my symptoms & when you do it will always throw out the worse case scenario which I would zoom in on & run with it believing that was what I had !

    Ever since joining this site we started a non googling ban which meant when we felt the urge to go on google we would come on here instead & say how we felt

    I have done ever since & it is a lot more helpful talking to people that know how I feel than ever google was !

    Hope you will join the non googling ban & come & talk on here to :-)

    Have you been & spoken to your GP ?

    Even if you have I would go & see them tell them how you feel & if you have a good GP then they can give you support as well :-)




  • This lady is fab by the way

  • Agreed :)

  • Hi why why happy new year

  • Hi Stewart :-)

    A very Happy New Year to you & your family :-)


  • Stuart :-) x

  • Hope your anxiety is not bad

  • Absolutely no more Google for me! Hope you are still online when I get home. Thank you so much.

  • Going to bed now it's 11:05 going to do some relaxtion PMR I found a great download free it's from the North Carolina you can down load onto I tunes u it's free very very good PMR I will come on here tomz afternoon around 5pm GMT hope when you get home you can chill tonight

    Try doing this for 2 mins at work smile

  • Well welcome to the non googling club as well :-D

    I think I have read you are from Texas ?

    It is midnight here in the UK , so we must have a time difference which not sure what that is but I am sure we will get to speak soon



  • Hi there you sound just like me so we are not alone sending hugs regards xxx

  • Hi there. I know where your coming from with the dizziness. My most annoying symptom. I tried to learn salsa dancing but practising the 'turns' had me reeling across the floor. It's a struggle at times taking the dogs for a walk! I think regular relaxation (letting go) - even a minute at a time - would probably help. I'm sure you'll turn things around with a bit of support and courage that each and everyone of us here has.

  • Hi sorry your not feeling too well I'm going through a bad patch to it's so hard isn't it. I've suffered from anxiety now for a year I'm only 39 & have felt like i was having a heart attack or a stroke for months with chest pain tingling arm and leg & all sorts of other horrible physical systems but now I tell myself well i haven't had a heart attack yet or a stroke I'm still here. Work sucks it's so hard & stressful but got to pay the bills & look after my girls. Take care we will get there in the end keep taking on here it helps so much. x .

  • Hi

    I can relate to how you feel, it's difficult when you sit at as desk all day, if you can try to go for a walk around the office or up the stairs every hour and then go for a walk at lunchtime it Will help both your anxiety and weightless.

    Jules x

  • i am in south africa and have had the sinus,tingling and get worked up about every symptom that i get.this is mind boggling and freaks me out.thought i was alone

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