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I want to be normal again


Hi every one im new here, So 6 months after i had my daughter i had my first anxiety attack and my life hasent been the same. My daughtet is 8 now and my life has been bad a lot of weird thoughts fears achs dizziness i was told i had deppression but never belived it i was to scared to take meds. I have a 7 month old son and 2 months after he was born i thought i was going to go crazy i would have a unreal feeling deppressed hopless useless i cryed a lot i got so dizzy i couldnt drive a lot of fears and anxiety it got so bad i went to get help i was willing to take meds as long as it went away. So i been on zoloft for 3 months i have noticed some changes it was horrible at first. But today my Doc up graded my dose to 150 i was on 100mg and im scared to upgrade i dont want to go numb or what if something goes wrong im just scared. Any advice would be help full. I just want to be normal because i feel like all this is controling my life i hate it

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150 seems like a big jump from 10mg I would ask him if you could upgrade by smaller doses such as 10mg a time... Good luck I hope you find some relief :)

izzy01 in reply to Aazz

Sorry i ment to say 100mg not 10. I started with 25 than 50 75 100 and today 150

Aazz in reply to izzy01

That makes more sense I say go for it if you have been handling it well up to this point :)

Honestly, I haven't been on here for a while, before though i was a wrech, had panic attacks all the time for 9 months.I it took me a while bit i learned self control, I prayed and started going to church again, spoke to a therapist on,and off. Did not go on any meds, and thank God it's subsided some. I admit I feel at times I might get another attack or something might trigger it, but I've learned alot about how anxiety plays with my head and the way my body feels. So now I just feel alot better. You gotta find or talk to others about your depression, get it all out of you. Find meaning in the little things, exercise, find ways to relax. You can Make it without meds. It's our nerves and thoughts that get to us but it can be controlled. I don't know what best suits you but there is hope.

izzy01 in reply to Blu7

Thank u i am also a beliver of God i been trying to stay focus but my faith is that God put doctors and meds for a reason he has gave me the strength to move on. The meds have helped i just wish i never had to go thru this and now that i started the meds i cant stop right away, but God is with me

Have you tried , magnesium, pottasiusium,zinc

I do understand your fear, however you are responsible for young children, with a baby and demanding 8 year old you need to have your. Wits about you😊 Please do not be afraid of taking a higher dose, your doctor knows you and is aware of your condition. None of us like taking medication, we would all like to be fit and well but it could be worse, we could have a life threatening illness like cancer so please take your doctor's advice because what matters most is your health and wellbeing due to your own responsibilities as a Mother. You have support from everyone here do you have a partner? Is there anyone in your family you can turn to? If you are struggling alone there are support services you can use. Sometimes pregnancy and giving birth trigger depression, if you have not always been like this focus on getting better, take supplements by all means but keep on the medication until the doctor sees fit to take you off it, always be truthful about how you feel etc. I hope you get better soon, just say to yourself that in the near future you will be well again, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel 😊😎

izzy01 in reply to lin62-65ze

Yes i have my husband and my family who is supper suportive, but i just feel like they dont really understand what im feeling thats why im glad i found this site to talk to people who are going thru the same thing. Thank u for your advice. It sometimes feels like im the only one going thru this weird stuff but i see im not 😢

lin62-65ze in reply to izzy01

Absolutely not, none of us would be on this site if we had not suffered one way or another. One thing I do know for sure is sometimes we have to get worse before we get better but we ALL get better in the end. You have people around who love you, I know they do not understand but that is normal my family did not understand when I was ill. That gave me more determination to get better, I have not been depressed for over 22 years now, I panic when stressed but that is all, you WILL get there😊😊 xx

izzy01 in reply to lin62-65ze

Yes thank you. And i cant wait to get better i need all the energy and health for my kids. 😊


Hello izzy, you have a very busy life with 3 young children to run around after!! As other people have said who really wants to go on medication!! But there are times in people's life's were there seems to be no other option. It dosnt mean youl have to take them forever. It just means you need a helping hand for a while. If you do take the stronger dose and are not happy with it go back to your doctors and tell them. However that is your choice alone to make. You can listen to advice but you decide what is best for you Some people can make it through without it and some can't. If and when you get time read through answers to people's posts. You will find lots of useful coping techniques and ways to try and help yourself. There is always someone who will listen on here and try and help. Three young children to look after you will be incredibly busy, it's none stop!! Have you had a councilor to talk too? have you been told you have post natal depression? You need lots of support, your faith will give you some comfort. Take care izzy🙏🏻

izzy01 in reply to Angep

Thank you for your kind words. Yes i go to thearapy once a week and i like it. And i have 2 kids one is 8 and a 7 month old baby which there still hard work. And this all started after i had my first baby. But i waited years to get help trying to do it on my own.

AngepStar in reply to izzy01

Well the main thing is now you are getting help!! And so many of us do that!! Try get better by ourselves. Sometimes it works, and credit to you for trying. Great that you enjoy the therapy sessions too, Its a scary place to be in your head when you have anxiety and depression. Unless you've suffered from it you can't possibly understand what a huge impact it has on your life!!it takes away the person you are!! Your lost but know your in there somewhere. You will come out the other side at some point. Sooner rather than later I hope😀 Take care Izzy x


I had a course of hypnotherapy which worked at the time but hasn't done so much in the longterm. I have had CBT now, and although I didn't think it was much good at the time, I have taken some useful tips.

The NHS has given me a couple of websites. These give access to an online CBT course apparently and self help. I am going to post these on here in the hope the may help others too.

moodgym.anu.edu.au - Mood Gym

ecouch.anu.edu.au - E-Couch

llttf.com - Living Life to the Full

Also, if you go on the Kings College London website and click on their Research and Innovation header and type in IMPARTS - it has loads of self help materials to go through.

Personally, what is a help to my anxiety to me is singing a song, reciting a poem (even if it's only in my head if I'm in company!), and also deep breathing (count the inhale and exhale) and I find it has taken my mind off what I was stressing over.


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