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DP/DR ups and downs


I'm finding I'm having a lot of ups and downs like I'll feel normal for a while then start to question it, am I just imagining the world around Me? Am I not getting better am I just getting used to it? And other worries and then I start to feel crap again!! Is this normal during recovery process

And also does anyone get moment where they feel they're living in their memories?

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Hi am also having this just now think its more recovering as this will be my 3rd time having this so horrible my symptoms is a think am going to die 24/7

Me too I'm now feeling very detatched because I worry about going to sleep

Thats the same as me to in case a die but then got to get up n go througth it all again sone times its hard

Also fell good then get scared in case am not in that my times up do u get that felling to just scared off everything

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