Fell down the stairs!!

I don't really know who else to ask as I am by myself and feel a bit in shock I have just fallen down the stairs and my leg has swollen about twice its size it is very painful and quite red. It has a real burning pain to it and I feel sick and shakey. I don't know what to do because some part of me is saying it's just my anxiety I'm probably making a bigger deal than it is but I can't walk on it very well and I'm worrying because I have work tomorrow!! It's very sore but I don't know what a break would feel like?! Can anyone enlighten me? I feel like my brain is panicking and is thinking the worst. I did have an ice pack on it but the weight of it was hurting aswell 


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14 Replies

  • Hi

    If you are in England you could call 111.

    I have never broken a leg so can't really answer in any details.  But if you are anything like me you won't be able to relax until you have had it checked out .

    You could look on Google at a first aid site like St.  John's ambulance that might help  

    Take care 

  • Hello

    O dear this sounds painful 

    Can you move the leg ?

    I think if it has swollen so quickly and you are in a lot of pain you may be best contacting the Doctor or going to A & E best get it checked out because you cannot imagine even with anxiety if something has swollen to twice the size 

    Ice springs to mind getting an ice pack on it to help reduce the swelling and a hot cup of tea and I will say if you like sugar to put some in it old fashioned English cure as we do to help with the shock 

    I do hope you are ok and let us know how you are later :-)

    Take Care x

  • I can move it and I can now put slight weight on it. But it's still very swollen and is burning! I'm not really sure whether to go to the hospital as I don't want to waste their time. The fact is swelled up almost immediately rang alarm bells with me! It's not excruciating which is why I feel like I shouldn't go but it hurts enough that I feel like I should haha owh I don't know what to do 

  • Hello

    It could be badly sprained and bruised internally but that is what they are there for so you would no be wasting their time and if it were me I would think about letting them have a look but if you think it is improving ?

    I would give it some thought but as you do take out the equation that you would be wasting their time because you would not be :-)

  • I went in the end the pain as too much! As soon as the doctor touched it she said she'd be extremely surprised if I hadn't broken it. Went for an X-ray and I hadn't thank god she said I was very lucky! She seemed convinced I'd done something bad to it. Just deep tissue and muscle damage which I need to rest for 48hrs. But I can't because of my job 😖😖😖

  • 2sara,  I'm sorry you fell but I'm so glad you did see a doctor and get an xray.   I'm glad it's not broken but

    deep tissue and muscle damage needs elevation and rest and time to heal.  Ice is important as well.

    If you must work and it is a desk job, at least have a stool

    under your desk where you can elevate you leg.  Please take care.  x

  • I'm a hairdresser and I have a 12 hour shift tomorrow...I just feel really anxious about telling my boss. I've told her what's happened hoping she'd say to stay home but she's not like that! I'm not sure what to do

  • Oh sara, I don't see how  you will be able to do it.  Your leg will continue to swell and throb.  I fell down the steps at work and like  you it wasn't broken but severely bruised.  I was put in a boot and crutches.  Elevation and ice for the first 48 hours and then some heat (by doctor's advice only)  The colors of the rainbow

    appeared but the swelling went down because I did stay off my feet.   Having bosses that do not suggest for their employees to take some time off is difficult, but you have to think of yourself right now.  If  you have to, can you get a note from your doctor?  I wish you the best. Take care.

  • Hello

    You know these deep tissue injuries can be more painful than an actual break and take as long to heal 

    You must be careful and let that heal , but glad you went I think sometimes in some cases it is best to get certain things checked out :-) x

  • Oh I really don't know what to do 😔 My boyfriends not happy that I'm going in tomorrow he thinks I'm being stupid when the doctor has told me not to. I'm just so worried my boss will have a go at me 

  • Hi 

    I have to agree with your boyfriend on this 

    If you have a genuine problem and your boss get's on at you it will be them in the wrong and you could take action towards them 

    There will be a record at the hospital about today and that you attended and what they found so if he or she does not believe you then I would tell them it is on record 

    I personally think that leg could need the rest of the week before it is any where like feeling comfortable 

    I know when we have anxiety we can be afraid but you have had a nasty fall today , resulting in a nasty injury and so let your boss be funny they cannot sack you and it is not their leg it is yours , so look after it lol x

  • I'm going to go in. Let her see for herself and just say I need to go home. I'm not even sure if I can drive! It's very painful

  • Take it easy sara,  I wish you well.  xx

  • Thanks everyone xx

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