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Down to the Waterline

Hi All but mainly,

Ashley, Bonnie and Donnver,

I take it you have all seen the gauntlet thrown down to Cherrytrees for their earlier comments tonight.

Far as I am concerned discussion on the subject now open.

Surely this is the way we as a group should deal with commentators like this.

I understand that feelings will run high, the comments from the said poster were rank out of order (your starter for 10 to actually tell me what that means) but surely to front them out instead of the kind of posts last week.

I will accept if I am wrong by consensus, your call people.

By the way Cherrytrees I still await your reply.


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I note anxious has returned but briefly to clear her name as living1, and that she was been accused of being cherry, I assume the person who passed this info over is the same one who has helped Anxious in the past x What puzzles me is that cherry said why was a site stealer and yet if you go to cherrys info there is a post from a while ago where why replied to her and cherry was very thankful for the help!! how soon we cast those aside who go out of there way to help us x


Hi Donna,

I think I said when this all kicked off 'some post more than others, some comment more than others' those of us who dealt with why accepted her OCD. Some of us suffer with health, some with time, others with space.

What we don't need here is somebody sufferer or not ridiculing us for our problems. Hence do not run away. Front them out. If you don't I will. What I have is a spiteful horrible problem, possibly brought about by bullying, who knows, but I will not let anybody be bullied on this site.

Sorry I've gone off on a tangent. Just wound up again that a total nonce can come on this site and get to us all yet again.

Thirty minute calm down, then I shall return.



I may be new here, but I've read enough to establish the (a) respected, longstanding member(s) have left, (b) there are no moderators on here (c) the troublemaker(s) is/are still around.

Boy, has my anxiety levels increased !!!!

I think your challenge is honourable, and in light of there being no moderation on here, probably the only way to unite as a group.

The saying 'don't feed the trolls' comes to mind - just ignore them, don't give them the fuel to continue.... as another member (sorry, can't remember the name) said, hit the report button.

Love & Hugs x




Hi initial,

Just wanted to let you know they will be getting admin soon. And the rest of us are all here, staying put and supporting eachother in the meantime.

You're completely right in what you say - we shouldn't give them the satisfaction. And as Sandra says, we should report them instead.

Lots of love,

wanderingwallflower xx


So its Living1 now is it lol. She/he was under cherry as well, as the comment she/he put on yummymummies post was the words she used to me in a PM, when she was Erstchay, they are more a less exact words she/he used, now that is not a coincidence. Whywhy and I had already been discussing it, and came to the conclusion she/he is a troll. So I watched them along with Whywhy and many other of Whywhy friends on here. Living1, cherry, and the rest are all her/he . sick person needing urgent help. i was not going to discuss this any further , as i made my comment earlier. living1 is cherry .i forgot to add, persons was jealous of whywhy.




Thanks Bonnie,

Okay I see an immediate problem with the system. People can adopt different profiles and names from the same ispns, even when banned.

Bonnie you have thrown light on this.

Sorry more I could write but trying to be calm. Also sorry for hijacking your post

Oh by the way can you see this 'Oh Cherry Oh Baby'

Still waiting!

Just leave those who really suffer out of your game.

PM's are acceptable.



Sorry 1b4bed, you haven't hijacked my post , as i have not done one!!, also you put a message for cherry on your reply to me, can you put that on your cherrytrees post please, i don't want to be tarred with the same brush.



Trolls by their very nature must lead such sad lives. They have worms in their brains and instead of love in their hearts there is only hate. The sort of people you avoid in real life or want to deck. They are unlovable and unloved. They will always end up on their own bitter and twisted. I feel sorry for them.

bev x


Agree with you there xx


Shalom Bev,

This is the problem in life we have to suffer, so therefore I'm sorry I've hijacked your post.

Are you getting this 'Mon Cherie'

channels are still open for you to explain today's comments and your attitude that your cold fingers need to point towards those of us who suffer a problem, that unless you have ever experienced could not possibly pass comment. Sorry didn't spell check is the grammar acceptable?


I must have missed this earlier? Who said what?


Hi Ashley,

Earlier today a certain Cherrytrees replied to 2 posts being critical or offensive about members. I simply posted back and said reply to me individually, if they wanted a 1 to 1 debate. The gauntlet was thrown down with out involving any other members and is yet to be responded to by the said party.

From what has been mentioned on the site it was also made very clear to their connections that this was the case. You ain't missed nothing because as yet they have not replied.

Billy goats are at the ready. Just let me know where the bridge is.



I've not been on the site since Monday but obviously things have been happening and thanks for the thumbs up re the trolls. I don't wish to appear flippant but humour always helps I do have appropriate goat masks should anybody need to borrow. Love the analogy

Hugs to all