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Haven't posted in a little while but lately I feel so up and down, yesterday and today's symptom is a sharp stabbing pain in my left breast muscle...obviously would be that side right at my heart the thing I worry most about, why can it just be on the other side then I wouldn't care as much...well safe to say my anxiety levels are shooting way up as this is a sort of new symptom, I mean I've had horrendous chest pain for months but never a stabbing pain in one area. Took some Gaviscon Incase it was heartburn or indigestion but it hasn't helped.

Anyway just wanted to get that off my chest(pardon the pun) ;-)

Hope all you guys have a good day.



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  • Hi I used to have that loads the pain in my left side, thinking it was a heart attack. I decided I wasn't going to die from a slow release ( over years) heart attack and that it was pains from my stomach being anxiety. Once I decided that it did take months and it went away. It does come back every now and then, if I press a certain part of my stomach I can feel the pain there! So I click back into the pain is my anxious tummy!

    That might help or not

    Take care xxxx

  • Hello winter

    I've done quite well in the last few weeks convincing myself that the crampy chest pain was just anxiety it did start to go away, think ive just freaked myself out as everytime I get used to a feeling I get another one lol


  • It might be worth checking with your doctor that isn't something else.

    I say that because I use to get a sharp pain around my left breast and in the middle of my chest, I thought it was because of my anxiety, turns out it was Costochondritis (inflammation in the chest, basically) which is treated with painkillers and goes away on its own.

    :) xx

  • I have been to the doc before about my chest pain and she just said everything felt fine and it was all caused by anxiety, but then that gets the blame of everything haha :-)


  • I quite often get cramp-like pains across my chest or on one side. It's from all the heavy lifting and gym work I do.

    Possibly you lifted something awkwardly Ashley. Sometimes these strains don't show up for a few days after the injury so you may have done it and forgotten all about it.

  • Yeah I get the crampy pain quite often and I'm getting better at just ignoring it thank goodness. Think maybe a wee massage is in order lol :-)


  • Ooh, I like the sound of a massage. I was seeing a physio a while back for a shoulder problem, he gave wonderful massages. It helped that he was gorgeous too, highlight of my week it was :D


  • Hahaha that sounds like heaven lol! I'm happy whoever does it as long as they get stuck right into it lol!


  • I love massage, I had a panic attack last time I had one and haven't had one since! Xx

  • Oh that's a shame Winter, to lose out on something you enjoyed. I'm sure you'll get back though, you're doing so well :)


  • Oh that's a shame :-(

    I'd be so gutted if that happened, I do love a wee massage, I feel amazing after them. Xx

  • Best bit was when he would 'give me a cuddle' to crack my back. Mmmmm.......I can smell his aftershave now :D

  • What you like!!! Mine is a lady and she comes to the house, she is lovely and I feel awful about it xxxxx

  • Lol, I'm a single woman, memories are all I've got :D


  • Well , I wouldnt mind some more memories thomson , lets hope we get some , could be another chapter for the book :-/


  • This book will be longer than War & Peace :D


  • You ever had a hot stone massage? They are awesome.

  • I've had a hot stone and it was so good I felt like I was floating for hours lol xx

  • I used to get one once a week they are great. Never failed to chill me out. The very attractive young lady who did it had absolutely nothing to do with it lol

  • Lol, not just me then :D


  • Nope, but shhh don't tell no one I think I got away with it hehehehe

  • Your secret's safe with me :D


  • I was just about to post myself but after reading this I don't need to. I get this often and can usually ignore it and it goes. It came on not long ago and I just lay on the settee thinking the worst. I know it's my anxiety as I've had it so many times in the past. Today my health anxiety must be playing me up as now I've the worst on my mind. I'm still lieing on the settee. I know I shud ignore it and just pretend it's not there. I'm finding it hard to do it today. I even had abit of the rush of the adrenlin as well. I was filling up with fear untill I saw ur post. I've carmed down abit now to wat I was half hour ago. I've had a foggy head all morning to xxx

  • Hi Donna

    It good to know I'm not alone in feeling bizarre chest pain lol. It's so annoying but I'm still here haha!

    I hope you have started to feel better


  • Hi Donna, sorry you've not been so good today. I hate that adrenalin rush :(

    Hope you're feeling better soon


  • Gosh I too get this too... I find getting up and go and do something else just to break the train of thought. It works all long with slow deep breathing. Xx

  • Yeah that is the best way I think. It's hard to ignore it at the time but when you break your train of thought it does go away xx

  • Well , what can I say , other than I wouldnt mind having thomsons experience reading this


    I think we knew you may get this today , it was to be expected , but I no everything is ok , & I cant wait till you get that little machine so maybe then you will start to believe it to

    I do no how you feel , i have had it some years ago , like Winter , longest heart attack in history ;)

    Hope you are feeling better now & I am thinking about you :)


  • I meant to tell you I'm getting it on the 30th of September, I got my date through on Saturday.


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