Stomach anxiety?

I have been having problems eating every day... I get sick when I see food or when its time to eat. The only time I feel like I wanna eat is when I take my medicine and calm down. I get nausea and start gagging sometimes. I feel pressure in my upper stomach and I have a hard time passing gas. I get pains in my right side and even in my chest at times.. I am seeing a speclisit for this but it is so hard to deal with. Its like nothing in my stomach wants to work and the more i worry about it the sicker I feel.. I look forward to going to bed at night because I can't stand the feelings I get.. I go to the bathroom everyday like I should but other than that everything else is a struggle.. I know this is a little tmi but sometimes its nice knowing that I am not the only one dealing with this. My grandparents are here everyday supporting me with everything that I deal with but it is still very hard. Especially when all I do is worry about my health.. Just wish I had answers and could get to the bottom of things.


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  • What meds are you taking? You are not by yourself. I just had to force myself to eat today and really the past month. I have similar symptoms

  • I stopped eating for days at a time in the past months, and finally started to make myself eat small healthy easy to eat meals or Ensure, the drink, because I almost passed out numerous times from not eating. It was also causing me severe panic attacks from malnutrition. I have my full appetite back finally, thank God. But not eating and not wanting to eat was one of the most painful times in my life. And the weight loss of course is awful. I hope all of you feel better. 😚☺

  • I take ativan for anxiety. But for my bathroom issues I take probiotics metamucil and stool softeners. Sometimes I take tums and gas x

  • For me, my anxiety and nerves have always affected my GI tract, I suffer a lot of stomach issues from my emotions and my anxiety. I had tons of tests done, surgeries, and the only thing that keeps it in check is when I keep calm.

  • I've found I've become (hopefully temporarily) intolerant to high histamine foods. I cut out most high histamine foods the last few days and started feeling a lot better. Then yesterday I ate a load as a test. After 20 min my face went boiling hot and I started getting heart palpitations. 4 hours later my stomach went crazy (worst it's ever been) hady to have a mebeverine tab to calm it down and also an ibuprofen to reduce the hotness.

    I've now ordered some Probiotics that help digest histamine (I hope they work)

    The best food to combat the inflammation is apples, onion, red grapes, ginger, olive oil plus loads more.

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