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Hie I'm am new to this site,about 6 months ago Ive received a diagnose. Of anxiety,I'm really hurt about it,sometimes I dont even no how to deal or cope with my sickness when its happening to me,it's really hard for me right now,I have sweats nausea head burning sensation in my head, i have headaches,my ears Burns, chest pains,racing heart beat,fast pulse,weakness, dizziness,shakes,my shoulders is sore,neck tension and the back of my neck,im always worrying,but im trying not to think about things and to worry so currenty takeing citlopram,i was takeing 10 mg,but now my doctor put me on 40mg,it's really uncomfortable for me and really hard, im really sad and I get depress Sometimes because of this,but i truly trust in God and his son jesus,because I believe that he's going to bring me through all of this and everyone Else on this site, that is going through this to,I just want to feel normal again everyday I have to face and battle with this,I exercise alot,I do palatie to help me,thisbut I still feel sick it just comes out of no where even if I'm calm, but IS there anyone else that get any of these symptom, please help,I need some support

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Anxiety is shocking . I had it so bad last mothers day in Australia I was to scared to go out. Mine leads to panic attacks. And where ever we ate I have to come home. I use valium but not much due to its easy addiction rate. My anti depression pills PARNATE help a lot .

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Look up Steven Furtick..whatever..whatever..its al about the voices in our heads telling us lies. Your faith will get u through this and out the other side. Ur a warrior remember to have come through what u have already. Ur strong and God does have a plan for u. Don't carry this on ur own. Great song to help is I surrender by hillsong if u can look it up on you tube. It's really helped me x u will learn to not let anxiety have any place in ur life , by listening to these things n good music. Feeding the fear is what keeps it alive , I know only too well. God can and will change it, x x

He has big plans for u x


Hi yes he has helped me have a great peace of mind


Claytin Jennings ..what will you do x on u tube x

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Neenee, you are not alone and your state of mind doesn't have to be permanent. Relying on God is great because the answer is in His Word. However, talking to a Christian therapist helped me a lot and channeling my thoughts from negative to positive (replacing damaging thoughts). Also, Joyce Meyer's, The Battlefield of the Mind is a good source of help. We can't change anyone or their opinion of us but we can change how we view ourselves. Many things that we worry about, never happened. And our speculations and assumption are often wrong. Even if they are not what can we do about them...usually nothing. We can only change the way things affect us. Know the difference in what you can change and what you can't. Prayed for you.

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Hi Nene, I'll let the others give you the spiritual guidance and hope it helps you.

My advice would be to rely on the citalopram and to stick with it at the 40mg dose for at least 2 months to give it time to take effect properly. I found it very hard to start with, my anxiety actually seemed to get worse for the first two or three weeks and I nearly gave up on it because it didn't seem to be helping - quite the reverse! Then it seemed I was back to where I was when I first started on it... but then, gradually, the improvement started to creep in. I've now been on it about 7 months and feel back to my normal self once more.

Wishing you well.

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Think you so much for the encouragement,so im gonna continue to take my medicine,and rely on God and his son Jesus Christ,


Hi yes I have felt the dizziness and shakes that make lifes feel awful. Don't worry you will be okay . I know it's hard I've to deal with it to . I'm not on meds I'm learning to control it and it's hard but can be done . Prayer has helped me so much . I'm just thankful that I'm alive for my family. Don't give up on yourself you will be OK you need to learn and face those fears . Those are the ones that mentally affect us. Hope you give it your best and think positive always ...u got this .


I too struggle w anxiety, PTSD and panic.

I spent time w my aa sponsor, a therapist and psych... The newest one has me on buspar because the addiction problems w benzo. Plus they build tolerance. I'm surprised the buspar worked so well.

I've gotten new DX and then broke leg and then found a biopsy is in the cards next week, at the hospital... Not in the office today which I prepped for ... Sheesh don't they know how nervous we are lol

I too use jmy faith but honestly I still get scared and try to bargaining or stick my head in the Sand. Then I feel guilty cus all my friends keep telling me I m not trusting god. Arg. I can't help how I feel.. Ya know?

I hope you find a way to peace. What I learned in 12 years of sobriety is to use pen and papers... Put it down and let it go.




I am coming down slowly from the Fetlayn patch for servere chronic pain. also oxynorn 10mg. with my doctors very very close support. I do not like them anymore. yes they help tremdously but I want to keep learning how to control servere chronic pain by using our own bodies techniques more.


Holy cow! What a disaster this week. I discovered buspar doesn't work ha-ha.

Went for my tongue biopsy. Apparently my anxiety wasvso high I've been chewing it for the last 10 tob12'months and mad a trauma in the thing. They cut out something about an inch and it hurts! B

Talk about anxiety! The only thing that works for me is klonopin.

I had some left over, so tried it. And it worked Even on the nerve pain nof my lupus and fibro!

I too hate pills and docs, got fired from pysc last week from trying to get off buspar. Called drug addict for asking for help. I was shattered. Went for help, crying, and was demeaned. And got to pay for it!!!

As for natural ways... Theses really work for me...I won't take lyrica, hydrocodone, bacloflen or any pain stuff during day... After first6 am dose.

I do stretches, deep breathing, thru diaphragm, biofeedback( scans and relaxes)and surprisingly, working with others at aa meetings afterwards, praying, talking spiritual matters, I avoid negative people, ibask my husband to lower his voice, stop cussing the cats, traffic etc. It adds to my tension and stress

And with lupus, it can kill.


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