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Well this is kinda hard to write, but I'll start with a little while back maybe a year and a half. I am diagnosed with Generalized anxiety and depression that comes in waves over periods of time but can't remember the name. But currently I've kinda come to the realization that I may have health anxiety because I'm constantly worried about my health and feel every little thing in my body. I've kinda always felt this way but never knew health anxiety was a word to explain what I feel, currently I feel like this weird feeling in the left side of my head that I can't say if its pain or discomfort but I think about it a lot and I can just feel it in my left side of my head and some of my neck on the same side. I use to have leg problems like I've read on other forms but that passed over time when I gripped my anxiety but I feel I'm at square one again this past few weeks and now this past week this anxiety has bubbled in feeling everything in my body and thinking there's something wrong with my head like a tumor or something. Its terrifying I feel like this and feel so consumed with those thoughts. I can't find a line between what's real and what's anxiety, in this constant battle with what's real and what's not. Its just my head that's bothering me now and sometimes it feels like I'm going to fall over, this feeling of stopping in my tracks and unable to focus on anything or my heads throbbing and there's this weird sharp feeling and then other times I feel like I'm feeling something wrong but I don't feel physical pain. Its all behind my ear almost but more towards the back of my head and I could go to the doctors but I feel like I always run to the doctor when I feel bad but usually I work myself up so much. As you can tell from explaining it twice in two different ways I really can't word what I feel but I definitely have felt those two things. I feel like I have a problem with having to have an explanation to everything, especially when it comes to my health. I guess I'm looking for reassurance, someone to tell me I'm not alone, and maybe some suggestions. Really just any input would be much appreciated.

Edit: I also sometimes get migraines recently and sometimes I'll have this feeling of nausea almost or just like a feeling of 'I left my coffee on top of the car' I also sometimes feel the pressure and slight slight throbbing behind my eye and near my nose sinus, and temple but only ever on my left side. I alrwady have really bad acid relfux which i take meds for but still with added stress is diffcult to be comfortable, I also have bad bowels and almost everyday have diarrhea. I'm 18 dealt with anxiety since I was 16 but was able to get it under control but school, trying to find work, and balancing friends and building a relationship with family is very hard for me to keep balanced. Saying all of that would be easy to jump to the conclusion of anxiety but I wish that you take everything I said into consideration before brushing over physical feelings I feel everyday and consume me more each day , I'm searching for answers and reassurance but not to be just slid into a anxiety box.


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  • I have health anxiety, in the past I suffered with strange head sensations, off balance along with other things, my main thing at the minute is cancer. Have you had a blood test? Sometimes some things can make you feel off balance, it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out, are you having any therapy?

  • Hi thank you for replying, I have gone to therapy before which helped a lot, but currently no. I do have a doctors appointment for today regarding my questions so I hope for some help. Being of balanced isn't my main concern but a slight feeling I feel sometimes, its more this head pressure I feel on my left side. Again thank you

  • Let us no how you get on. I suffered for a long time with dizziness, still do occasionally,I get all kinds of strange sensations and aches and pains, I have different worries all the time, it's terrible 😩 X

  • I had a doctors and GI doctor visit ttodaywhich went well and to the doc seemed like an easy problem to manage and will find out about any deficiency I might have soon and as for acid reflux and bowels they seem to be able to be managed by medicine for when it gets bad as its only periodical and acid reflux managed by an acid reducer twice a day instead on once with working on my diet as I'm 18 and only 101 pounds. As for my head there was no answer and I believe it's from health anxiety and stress, I'll keep it in mind but the best thing to do is continue on and see if it fades. I feel that these weird sensations is us feeling our body to much and picking at something that maybe just isn't there. But that's how I feel. I hope that us and anyone who suffers with this can receive a better understanding on why we think like this and were not alone. Thank you for being so supportive and wish you well on your journey. Xx

  • I had health anxiety for 2 years. I had the wierd feelings in my head that I could not stop thinking about. It left me emotionless. I couldn't be happy, I couldn't smile, I couldn't even cry. It also made me feel like I was in a dream. Wherever I was it didn't feel like I was really there. I'm not sure if any of this relates to you but what I learned is that trying to get rid of the feeling got me no where. It was when I learned to live with the feeling in my head and do nothing about it. I would just move on with my day and I saw myself focusing less on the weird feelings in my head and eventually it was gone.

  • Thank you for replying and I do share that feeling of being in a dream, like I'm not always hearing what people are saying even though I'm talking to them. I will definitely try that to see if I can cope with how I'm feeling. I hope that you are doing okay, and learning to cope with your troubles and wish you the very best xx

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