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Stomach thing is back again

My gosh! Ugh! I hate this! I was starting to feel fine again like, three weeks ago after i started taking digestive herbs.

Anyway. I am about a week until my period and this stomach thing that makes me feel like my stomach is really sore an hour after I eat has come back and the herbs are not doing anything!

My mom thinks it has to do with hormones, because it is consistent with when it happened last time around my period. It cannot be like, an ulcer or anytgibg because it does not match up with anything I have read.

Ulcers say:

Stomach pain


Burning stomach

Sometimes better after you eat

My symptoms:

Sore stomach

Fine in the mornings

Only happens in the afternoon to the rest of the day

Im not nauseous, I can only describe it as....wrong.

I want my food! But i feel so crappy after and it has nothing to do with what I eat.

There is no pain. I feel like it is hard to swallow or like a right throat and is exactly what I felt last time and it went away a week after my period after I began the digestive stuff again. But now they are not helping!

It is cyclical. Only striking at this time of the month and I have been DREADING my period. I mean serious dread.

It is weird that it happened last time around my period and this time around my period. Though I was beginning my period when this level of crappiness started. Now it seems to have hit early.

Could hormones really do this? Nothing seems to help ease it. It is this constant yuck that increases after I eat and is only normal when i am hungry.

It literally fits into NO category. Not even acid reflux.

I am seeing a gynacologist tomorrow, as my period has been messed up since June. I am a teenager so I hear it is relatively normal to have hormonal stuff on periods?

It is just freaking me out when I feel so yuck and having no idea what it is. Along with emetophobia, which is really fun!

Im working to get over that fear but when I think of confronting it....I almost feel like it could just be too much and I would mentally snap. Dumb, right? Anyone else delt with this before?

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Oh and it started out of the blue last night after I ate. I mean, OUT OF THE FREAKING BLUE.

But for the past week, my stomach has felt slightly uneasy, but again, That did not feel like a legitemate problem; just as if my focus was too intense on there.


About a week before my period, I get all types of weird stuff happening to my body. As I get older, it's only more prominent, either that or my anxiety is so out of control I notice every little hiccup and gurgle from inside causing more stomach distress. I firmly believe it's hormonal, maybe not entirely but it certainly plays a part. I just started taking a probiotic with digestive enzymes along with my meds to relax and that seems to be helping. I love to eat, so it stresses me out when I do not care to eat because I think I'm going to be ill if I do. Our minds play powerful tricks and we have to draw the line somewhere. Hope you feel better soon. :-)

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I have never had trouble with my period prior anxiety. Never.


Oh and now it is all the time. Does not matter whether I eat or not.

Nothing helps it either which is why my mom says it is definitely anxiety.

She has anxiety, too.


It's hormones

Part of pms

All that you are feeling very possible with periods


Ugh, it is awful. I can be hungry and want to eat but kbow how I would feel after. Or I can feel really bad and still not get grossed out at the idea of eating.


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