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So Anxious About Stomach

Ughhhhhhh. I hate when my stomach reacts to anxiety! For the past week I have felt bad, nauseous above my belly button and a scratchy throat. I can still eat but sometimes I get full really fast and I worry about getting sick cause its like a weight sitting above my naval that hurts when I press deeply. Though....I think THAT mightbe normal. I constantly feel like I have to burp and once I do, I feel better. Ive been ultra ultra sensitive about my stomach for a couple weeks after I felt a twinge of unease above my belly button and got panicky. I notice every single thing about my body, my sleeping sucks, as I get uneasy lying down for the past couple nights. I can also visualize myself sick so easily that I am scared to leave the house and CANNOT find the nausea above belly button symptom anywhere. I feel like something is really wrong but my family keep telling me there isn't but I cant stop worrying as I just feel rotten. I dont breathe much, so I tighten my stomach and sometimes, it feels real tight after I eat. Maybe the burping is due to me swallowing too much air? Im pretty sure I hyperventilate. Ive just never felt this way before in my life and I am really scared! I think stomach problems/issues and thats like....my biggest phobia. I dont have it where I get grossed out. I actually miss my food, and often think, "man I wish this weird unease and scratchiness would go away so I could have my chocolate/meat/sandwich."

I feel sick but I dont feel nauseous if that makes ANY sense.

I would feel so much better if I could come across someone that says, "ive had that exact same thing." Id love that so much right now.

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One of my panic attacks is to do with my stomach. I have 4 panic attack types and my stomach one is the worst. Anxiety/panic draws blood away from your stomach and into your muscles. My stomach feels like I have just swallowed acid or something and the cramping is debilitating. I am so doubled over in pain. This can go on for up to four hours. I feel for you as it is very very unpleasant side affect of anxiety/panic. I avoid certain foods as I am convinced it makes me I'll. I do not really get the nausea also. If the anxiety is there when you eat certain foods it convinces you it is that food that is causing the sickness. As soon as you notice the symptoms try and nip it in the bud with breathing exercises, distraction etc. Hope this helps. Take care.


Try this site it has helped me.


Yeah, same here. I keep fearing it is an ulcer, because after I eat I feel nauseous and like like I swallow mucus. I keep thinking it is something serious!


Plus, I do not know what is going on. I feel full of phlegm after I eat, I am uncomfortable lying down. Just now, I got super nauseous ,ran around the house trying to find zantac, and not even ten minutes later, the nausea disappears and so does the amount of phlegm I feel in my throat. How do I accept this as anxiety? I have never had this before in my life!


Its always best to get checked by your doctor first. I have had cameras, gall bladder out you name it. I have to resign myself it is anxiety. I am still here after years of this awful infliction. Anxiety will not harm you, it is awfully painful and frightening but relaxation techniques do help to keep you focused and it subsides quicker. Also mindfulness helps. There are lots of websites on this, check them out. Take care.


Thanks. If I go to the doctor's, I have a nurse practitioner as I do not have a GP. No stomach issues run in my family. My dad has acid, but he eats really fast and does not have to take pills or anything and does not get sick. No gallbladder, pancreas problems either. I have not even heard of an aunt or uncle having it. What are the chances of having problems if it haas never run in your family?


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