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Anxiety and health anxiety symptoms

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Hi all , new here. I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety as a result of what initially was just a whooshing in my ears ( Tinnitus ) and fast pounding heart rate. Was told it was stress and anxiety and it will pass with time with self help techniques etc. Over the years I’ve had multiple sensations and symptoms such as muscle weakness , Trembling , tremors , chest pain , skipped heart beats , low mood , stomach issues , headaches , high blood pressure and the list goes on and after seeing multiple specialists over time I’m told I’m for and well and it’s just anxiety. Looking at various posts people seem to think it’s actually something real and the Doctors and specialists have missed something. But when you read people’s posts we all seem to suffer with the same insecurity.

I think sharing your symptoms and sensations may be a huge help to others so they don’t feel alone or the exception. ( including me ). I hate having this as I’m always convinced there’s some real illness at work or I’m going to have a heart attack.

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I understand exactly what you mean.

I have a long list of physical symptoms that I believe are mostly anxiety related.

But it's very hard to convince yourself if these things...

Your definitely not alone in feeling this way...

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Nobster in reply to Timmypliskin

It’s hard as you say. As each new symptom or sensation feels real and you think this time it’s got to be real. But then you go quacks and it’s just another anxiety symptom. You get to the point you think you can’t physically have anything else wrong and boom. Something new appears. What’s your unusual symptoms ?

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Timmypliskin in reply to Nobster

Dizziness, headache, eye issues, shakiness, stomach issues... and the list goes on

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Nobster in reply to Timmypliskin

Have you been taking any medication to help ?

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Timmypliskin in reply to Nobster

I've tried several ssri medications and had bad reactions, tried wellbutren and made my anxiety go up... I'm going to therapy, so far that s helped more than anything...

Still have bad days or weeks..

How about you?

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Nobster in reply to Timmypliskin

I take propranolol ( 10 to 60mg ) per day and it does help lower the fast heart rate etc but it doesn’t make the anxiety go away. As it’s a tablet that’s used for many things such as heart problems , blood pressure and prevents strokes etc it’s more of a comfort I think. And I do therapy every week too which seems to point towards my anxiety / health anxiety being related to stress and compressed emotions.

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Nobster in reply to Nobster

I must add that when I say it doesn’t make the anxiety go away I mean it doesn’t stop the sensations I feel. I’m convinced the sensations cause the anxiety but I’m always told it’s the anxiety causing the sensations and symptoms. Typical circle that never ends.

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Timmypliskin in reply to Nobster

I take a beta blocker too as part of my bp meds / atenolol

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Nobster in reply to Timmypliskin

So do you actually have high Bp ? Or is this caused by your anxiety ?

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Timmypliskin in reply to Nobster

I do have high bp... it's one on of my anxiety triggers for sure

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Nobster in reply to Timmypliskin

Next time you have a BP test. Do some deep breathing beforehand for around 10 minutes. And you’ll probably see a reduction in your BP. If that’s the case then it’s your anxiety. Mine is typically between 140-150 over 80-95. But when I’m calm etc it’s down to 120/75

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Timmypliskin in reply to Nobster

I've been to a good cardiologist several times, and he's seen just that reaction, I'm still on meds, bet he's very sure my anxiety causes the spikes.


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Nobster in reply to Timmypliskin

For sure. High blood pressure has no symptoms and it’s a natural worry. The human body is an amazing thing. It works on its own when you sleep and your anxiety and worry free to an extent. Anxiety kicks in when you wake and your brain sticks it’s nose in. Keep pushing on. Stop checking own BP if you do.

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Amy615 in reply to Nobster

I was suggested dis med i dint take since i thought it would hv side effects...did u feel better?

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Lowlow64 in reply to Nobster

I tried propranolol for 1 day. Gave me more anxiety and insomnia. Not the same for everyone.

I have the same exact symptoms now Tinnitus which I really hate I cant even sleep cuz it's super loud and fast pounding heart rate. My list is long too just like yours.

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Nobster in reply to Amytat

Is your tinnitus a whooshing noise in line with your heart beat ? ( pulsatile tinnitus ) ?

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Amytat in reply to Nobster

Yes it is

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Amytat in reply to Nobster

Did you have it too ?

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Nobster in reply to Amytat


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Amytat in reply to Nobster

What helped or what is it about ? I did hearing test it all came ok

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Nobster in reply to Amytat

It’s no cause for concern. It’s just because you can hear your blood flow in the arteries in your neck close to your ears. It’s usually worse when your anxiety or Adrenalin is up a height.

People without anxiety can differ with this too. It’s very rare that there’s any underlying sinister cause. You’ll find calming your self down and keeping blood pressure low will help.

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Nobster in reply to Amytat

There’s doesn’t have to be anything wrong with your ears either. And unfortunately tinnitus ya no cure and it’s not a threat. Just an annoyance to be honest. If you’ve had tests and come back ok then I would t worry about it. Just add it to the anxiety list and move on my friend.

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Amytat in reply to Nobster

This anxiety

I don't understand why you don't ask your doc meds if the anxiety so worse

It seems Drs have missed all of it , its not real - but it actually is real to the person having it ,,all they want to do is medicate the Hell out of you , which normally make yoiu feel like Hell ( anti depressants that take a month to see if they work , and during that time you feel like shit - Drs be , well let’s try another one , Really???? Then you have Clare Weeks ( who never had anxiety, tell you just ignore the feelings, and they will go away. BS , its like cutting yourself, and being told to just ignore it ,,and it will go away. After all these years, Drs haven’t figured out nothing really! Fact


List of my anxiety symptoms

Neck, back and shoulder pain all the time.


Up set stomach alternating constipation to diarrhoea.

Unbalanced feeling, due to neck tension I think.

Jaw pain

Ringing in ears, due to clenched jaw, I think.

Buzzing arms and legs and even soles of feet.

Panic I'm going to pass out or throw up.

Shaking hands sometimes, but think that's due to tense shoulders.

I think that's the lot! I don't get all of these all at once, they seem to pick their moments, or I do :-)

Been like this for 3 years now, loads of tests done, pipes up and down, brain scan , blood tests and I'm still here!

Must be me doing it, but how I stop it us another thing.

Hope this at least helps someone put their mind at rest a little bit.

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Nobster in reply to Funkyfaerie

Hey Funky ,

That’s like looking into a symptom mirror. I’ve had and have most of the same on and off and all my tests are fine too.

I think it’s the worry of each symptom that builds up and leads to another.

It’s a hard thing to go through.

hi there, sorry I'm new to this and have been dealing with anxiety for just over a year over having a fear of death (something I went through over a year ago caused by it) everytime j feel one of these symptoms I think this is it what's wrong with me what if something happens like even day, I also take propanolol 10mg which helps when I go into a panic but I try not to take it as I get scared taking tablets incase it does something, is it just me?

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Nobster in reply to kimberleyw_1

Propranolol at 10mg is the safest medication you can take for something like this.

Fear of medications is usually linked to not being or feeling in control so same would apply to feeling worried and scared as well as any body symptoms or sensations others would see as normal.

What’s your anxiety mainly centred around ?

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kimberleyw_1 in reply to Nobster

thank you for your reply this is very much appreciated I've never been on anything like this before, I don't know really I'm a worrier to be honest, I was a carer just over a year ago which I had to leave as I found one of my clients had passed away when I went in I got a complete shock and ive had major panic attacks ever since which I've overcome a good amount but now I'm dealing with this anxiety which I can't get rid of and weird feelings which makes me scared which I guess it's probably because I think somethings going to happen to me, I was going to start taking kalms tablets as I don't know what I think of the propanolol I only take them if needed but scared to take an actual anxiety tablet so didn't know whether to try them with them being herbal?

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Nobster in reply to kimberleyw_1

Herbal although are supposed to be quite good are full of many things and their uses and success are unclear.

Propranolol won’t help cure your anxiety as it’s a beta blocker which will reduce the effects of anxiety. Propranolol works by lowering your heart rate which in turn reduces the effects of anxiety etc.

They are very Safe when taken in small doses. Does your heart race when your anxious etc ?

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kimberleyw_1 in reply to Nobster

the thing is I don't feel my heart racing only some times my left arm starts to feel weird like I have a dead arm or something and sometimes my foot this is the very same symptom I got when I took my very first panic attack which was the scariest thing my body has ever experienced I didn't have a clue what was happening, I can't belive how much better I feel reading all these comments and seeing that I'm not the only one out there, I get most of these symptoms but main one is my left arm like cold shoulder or something but doctor said propanolol makes you feel cold and it's a side effect more a less😥

Hi Kimberleyw,

Nobster is absolutely right in everything he says, also about the propanolol. I took 10mg for a while but then found they no longer helped me. I think at the time the fear of my symptoms spiralled out of control and it wasn't enough.

The doctor got all the tests done for me and although they were all clear, which obviously I was very happy about, I didn't feel any better. And that's what I am saying now, I don't fear what is wrong with me. I fear the horrible sensations that I still get . They seem to get me in a grip of fear that makes them worse. So I feel horrible a lot of the time, and get upset about it as I want my life back....

Having said all this, so you know how bad it's been. I am now quite a bit better. I still get my symptoms, but I tell myself off, and try to overcome them, by calming myself down. I have been afraid of drugs, for the exact reason Nobster mentioned. But I have in the past taken the odd diazepam and an anti nausea tablet.

I have rambled on a bit, and I hope you understand what I have been trying to say.

I think a lot of anxiety related symptoms start with something, you had a terrible shock, I had a few years of unrelenting stress and tiredness with a job.

What I'm saying to you now all of us you must get checked out properly. And if you are labelled after all that with anxiety, you will he ok xx

hi there,

hope your well thank you for the reply yes I totally understand it I'm better than what I was I've been telling myself off when I get symptoms now as I know that it's the anxiety I've been to doctors who have been very good and supportive to be honest and ive had bloods and that took and he's told me that it's anxiety and to see about CBT or something as it all deffo comes down to my anxiety and only thing is that my iron was low which I take folic acid for other than that he said hes not worried about my health at all, so I know that now that's the only thing that gets me through my panic I just wish they would go away I know it's the anxiety but it still brings me down and stops me from doing things that I want to do x

It does the same to me, brings me down and I'd rather not go out.

But I make myself go out. I have had a few funny moments when I've been out, but nothing drastic has ever happened.

I think to much about the way I feel all the time, I need something to distract me, my thoughts. I never used sit about or spend my time thinking about my body and how it feels, it's all crazy.

Let's get normal again !😊

Keep in touch xx

omg I'm the exact same it's the headaches and feeling like I'm going to pass out then because I'm out my comfort zone I think I'm going to pass out and what if I did what would happening annoying I'm the same aswell always felt panicky but nothing major for a good few months now I control it with my propanolol if I need to i had to take 1 this morning goin to work (I've been off 3 weeks due to my anxiety) and on the way home I had to take one then got annoyed at myself as I couldn't get rid of it myself it's so aggravating isn't it, I just wish I could stop it when it starts happening but I can't and it's so frustrating,

yes I agree.... to getting life back on track and feel normal again😁 xx


We have to remember that it is our tense muscles that make us feel the way we do.

I get tense neck, shoulder and back muscles, they affect my balance, make me feel nauseous, headaches from hell, and when I feel the pain, that I pretty much feel all the time...I have to remind myself that it is the muscle tension that causes all this.

Thing is it's a round robin...I worry, panic bout the feelings in my body, and the worry, panic keeps the tension going!

Hope you are having a good day today. X

yeah I get this aswell its scary I've mind a managed to start talking myself out it as I know it's the anxiety and know that there's nothing wrong with me but it's easier said that done isn't it, it's almost as if my head and my body's not working with one another a just hope one day it disappears and we'll all can pass it, thank you I've had a good day today thank you hope your days been ok xx

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Sweepy13 in reply to Funkyfaerie

Thank you 😊

You have just written my symptoms it makes me feel so much better not that it helps you ... everytime I get a grip on one symptom that anxiety gremlin shifts to a new area

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Funkyfaerie in reply to Sweepy13

Hi Sweepy,

I'm glad my message helps you.

You are right about the gremlin!

I was out the other day and out of the blue a familiar pain in my shoulders stated, within seconds my stomach churned and I felt sick and needed the loo....seconds!! I thought about it and k rd that as soon as I felt that old familiar pain, my fear cranked up.....and where does fear immediately go to? Your stomach!

Thinking rationally can help you sort of our and calm down. Although it's taken me a while to get to this stage!

Hope you are ok today xx

Magnesium Glycinate. 200mg at night before bed. Works amazing for anxiety..and believe me, I had all of these things going on. I’m so much better now.

Thank you I might give that a go, is it good for relaxing muscles?

YES! I carry all of my anxiety in my neck and shoulders...especially, my left side. After a couple of weeks on it, I’m 95% better! Be careful and get the Glycinate and not the citrate. My first mistake and you’ll spend way more time in the bathroom than you’d like. 😂 I order mine from Amazon. I get the We Are Fit brand. And correction, I take 400 mg a night. 2 pills. I started with one for a few days to see how my body tolerated it and when all was well, i up’d it. Research magnesium for anxiety. You’ll be amazed.

And FYI, I’m completely off of all meds anti anxiety meds.

OK, I will order some and as you say start off slowly, I'm probably magnesium deficient a bit anyway.

I had a moment in the garden today with my sick muscle aches, I have to sit down, it's in my neck and shoulders really, but when it starts the same old annoying fear sets in.

I'll definitely let you know how I get on.

Many Thanks

Yes, please let me know! This is the first I’ve posted on here, but I want people to know that you don’t have to go the medicine route all the time. It has been a lifesaver for me. I actually feel normal and relaxed for the first time in over a year.

That's amazing, I am pleased for you.

I'll order some tonight.

Talk soon

I think about it too much, not worrying what it is anymore, but how horrible I feel whey day.

It's hard to switch off!

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Sweepy13 in reply to Funkyfaerie

That’s exactly where I am too

Trying not to worry but I can’t completely let go..... you’re right it’s hard nearly impossible to switch off

Take care

What you are saying is that when you go to the doctor with these symptoms, your doctor perceives you as logged in with an anxiety problem. There is no room for other tests, because he is in a tram line of medical notes. As you have had so many examinations, expect you had blood tests. If you did, how long ago was it since you had a blood test and what did it test for? Was it for vitamin and mineral deficiency thyroid, diabetes, or auto immune disease? Do you still have the tinnitus? |Is your heart beat better now with the propanalol?

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Nobster in reply to

Tested for all the above and more. All 100% fine. Yeah the propranolol helps on occasions. Keeps the anxiety beats low. Ha ha.

in reply to Nobster

So are you still getting the whooshing and the tinnitus? Have you tried magnesium carbonate for tinnitus? It helps me. Potassium sodium levels need to be normal. if you have too much salt it might raise your blood pressure, as will alcohol. Cutting down salt and increasing potassium with bananas or tomato juice might help. Your drug might

affect your kidneys and be potassium sparing, so if in any doubt about eating extra potassium in food, you can look up side effects of your drug on

When you have negated any of these will get my thinking cap on for some more data which may help,

Ik how yiu feel, message me anytime

I also has whoosing in my ears like my hearts beating over 9 months now and i get dizzy i feel the same like i am going to have a stroke or heart attack even had numbness and twitching in my right side went to the ER over and over they told me it was migraines or nothing wrong as well. Maybe it's vertigo i got no clue but it SUCKS

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Nobster in reply to Mom2375

It takes tinnitus quite a while to settle down and vertigo can be treated also. Dizziness is common with anxiety too. Migraines I have little knowledge or experience of but I do get slamming head aches from time to time lol.

I’ll try to sum these symptoms up

-Tension in neck and shoulders (neck disappears like a turtle in shell)

- Jaw clenching and teeth grinding

-light headed

-heart flutter

- weakness in arms and legs(sometimes one side)

-sweating cold hands and feet

-dry mouth

- vision gets blurry

- racing heart

-terrible nausea

- tingling sensation in vaginal area(hope this is not offensive but it is orgasmic)

-slight headache

-whooshing sound of blood flow in my left ear

-blood pressure spikes

- exhaustion when everything passes normally 5-15 minutes

I also suffer from fear of vomiting and death.

This me I hate the blurry vision

I have felt like my symptoms were rare for such a long time. This in turn made me a bit ashamed to post.

Jimmy 12 , my kidneys are 100% fit and well. Kidney diseases presents its self in a more painful manor.

Wow this is me

Well...Nobster....i can so well relate to u...its good to know theres some1 in this world..infact many others too..who are in the same boat...i never feel like taking medications coz of side effects but it feels so annoying every single day waking up and feeling something is wrong with me..what do u do to tackle your anxiety...good luck.

Nobster, hope you’re feeling better. Anxiety is awful! You can feel anything your body can feel. It’s a vicious cycle but there are better days coming. Take your medicines and you will be happy again!

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Shellslj in reply to Lowlow64

These are so fitting! I got health anxiety after I lost my mom to cancer. I’m constantly thinking the worse when I feel different symptoms present themselves and I feel like anxiety is always giving me new symptoms that I think are causing something more serious. It’s hard to believe all these different symptoms are from anxiety. It’s a struggle some weeks more than others, but my counselor helps a lot. Medicine didn’t work for me as I was to sensitive to it. My anxiety was way worse with meds.

Recently I had my Covid vaccines and it’s been a month since the last shot. I constantly ache in different parts of my body and have experienced new symptoms. I’m so scared it’s something terrible like lymphoma or some type of cancer, but I recently had blood work , abdominal sonogram and endoscopy and all were fine. Health anxiety is a real struggle for me.

I have all those. And my dr. Tells me I’m a healthy person and my psychiatrist told me I have anxiety

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