Hello there, so I've recently been diagnosed with severe anxiety and the doctor says it's the reason behind my constipation issues and stomach pains and chest pain.. Has anyone else got stomach pains all the time 24/7 and felt sick a lot.. It's really starting to worry me how much I get belly pain and I'm having lots of trouble going to bed.. I'm terrified I'm not going to wake up anymore.. Anyone else???


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  • I had severe stomach issues when my anxiety first started. I was constipated too, and no appetite at all. And also quickly lost like 20 lbs within a couple weeks because of it. Also you can have like squeezing chest pains from severe anxiety. And I couldn't sleep at night, I was afraid to go to sleep and when I did, I would jolt up out of my sleep like 2 hours later and couldn't go back to sleep, among a bunch of other symptoms. It was awful and terrifying. I would try Magnesium Citrate capsules 250-300mg. It cured all my symtoms up almost immediately.

  • Same! I go to bed and wake up like 2 hours later with stomach cramps and it ends up being gas, i will try that I'm on some probiotics to help with my digestion! Thank yu it's nice to know someone else is going through this as well!

    Hope all is well! xx

  • You're so welcome! You most definitely probably have lots of trapped has since you're constipated. That's for sure. That's probably exactly what that pain is. And yes it is, being on here has helped me a lot!

  • Do you take the magnesium daily??

  • Yes I do, 1 in the morning and 1 before bed

  • Oh ok, I don't think I can take that much. I'm pregnant so they don't recommend I take more than 350 a day.. I also use anty acids ao they contain magnesium. I've read many good results with this supplement.. I'll try taking one a day every other day 👍🏻

  • Hello

    I suffer with dreadful indigestion and have heard about magnesium been very good but I cannot take it after asking my Doctor as it would interfere with some other medication I take and could make matters worse so with you already taking something and been pregnant either check with the pharmacists or your Doctor before you start taking them , with evening natural things it is always good to check it will be suitable for you :-)

    Also many women when they are pregnant suffer with dreadful heart burn and indigestion , I did when I was having all my 3 , the old wives tale used to be if you have indigestion when pregnant you baby will be born with lot's of hair , now I am not sure I believe in these tales but all my 3 were born with lots of hair :-/

    It could settle down once you have had your baby :-)

    Take Care x

  • That sounds like a good idea. Make sure you do get that supplement in there some type of way. And congrats on the baby!!!!

  • Hello

    If you have constipation that will cause an upset tummy, give yourself time and you will go back to the toilet ok. One thing you may find useful is go to the toilet same time every day, even when you do not want to go, that will set up a routine. The same applies to going to bed.

    When it comes to been frightened you never wake up. I had the same problem when I was younger, in my teens, twenties.

    Generally no-one can do anything about dying in sleep, if it is our time that is it, if you were awake o sleeping, you would die, when we are called, we go.

    Given above you may as well live your life fully and not worry about something you have no control of. Worrying about your death just stops you living, as I said earlier live your life do not worry.


  • Dont worry brotha,youll wake up,I know exactly how you feel,I have stomach ulcers that act up,all because of my anxiety,they act up so bad sometimes I cant eat or drink anything for 3+ days sept a handful of saltines an a couple bottles of water,my advice smoke weed,if it wasnt for that miracle cure all,id have been dead years ago,an not just from anxiety

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