Scared everyday

Everyday I'm convinced I'm dying! I've been feeling so ill for about a month now, constantly feeling nauseous, headaches that I think are a brain tumor or anuerism, weakness, tired all day and overall mentally not right which makes me think even more that I have a brain ailment, I'm constantly scared. I've gotten multiple blood tests, ekgs, echo, 24 hour monitor, urine tests to find everything normal but I'm really convinced I'm physically sick and thinking I'm gonna die. I was also experiencing some derealization and tingling in my hands and feet. I am seeing a therapist and getting on medication soon that will hopefully help has anyone experienced this? :(


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  • You are not alone. I have experienced what you are going through so many times! With all the physical symptoms affecting your or so long, it may feel that you are gonna die. Seeing a therapist and medication will definitely help you feel better! For now, just rest and take short walks outside. Getting some sunlight will help you feel a little better.

  • Thank you so much! it's honestly so terrifying everyday but I will take your advice :)

  • Everyday we think that we can't get through the day and everything is just falling down on us. But if we can get through yesterday, we can do so too for today and even tomorrow! :) me and other campers will always be here for you when you need to talk!

  • This is very true, We are all strong. thank you so much I'll be here to talk too! :)

  • Hi there

    Yes iv experienced all those symptoms an now I'm compleatly free , so hang on in there you will be free too , at the moment your in the risk assasement part of your brain an that's what's running you , your going through a daily check list of possible problems .

    There is nothing to be afraid of , your body will stop giving out those symptoms ,

    But you have to help it .

    Somthing you have suffered has probably caused you trauma or fear at some point an your subconscious is letting you know that , that's all it's very common your not going crazy an your not flawed your just highly sensitive an intelligent .

    Panic attacks art often a gateway to getting to the real fear . Out of denial In to consciousness , it's a perceived threat that's alarming your body an you have probably been stressed subconsciously for so time now .

    I'm here to help !!

  • I am an energy psychologist an coach an help people let go of trauma / stress / worry / an negative fearful patterns

  • Thank you so much :) how do I stop the symptoms they are very real and everyday I feel more depressed about it. what has helped your recover and how long did it take for symptoms to go away? That is very true I have been through a lot of stress and changes and its caught up to me I think.

  • Did you find that medication and therapy actually worked? I want to get an MRI but I'm terrified of the results

  • Yes the therapy was the most affective

    By all means have an mmr to help you feel confident that there's probably nothing there

  • How long did you go? Did you ever get an MRI?

  • I know it's hard but you probably don't have any physical problems. It's just your body locked In risk

  • I know but it's so hard for me to believe that the brain can cause all these physical symptoms, I'm just so worried about my head still

  • I used to think I'd got a brain tumor too

  • It's nice to here from someone who has got to the other end! It would be nice to hear more of your tips,


  • I made a decision to reach out to help people

    I'm here to help , so ask me any ???

  • I'm slowly making progress as I'm learning what anxiety really is and how it works, but I'm struggling with mornings as the day goes on it gets easier, but don't know what to do about mornings? Any suggestions?


  • Yes just know that in the morning it's more your subconscious that's dominating

    You need to reprogram then the feelings will go away

    Of fear doubt worry

    You need to understand what's really causing you to feel fearful ??

  • The only thing I can think of is worrying about feeling that way in the morning every day, and I think it's also because the kids are at school and the wee one is at nursery, unless there is something in my subconcious! As I have been through a hell of a lot in the past few years, is it ok to go to your website? What is it again?


  • Yes of corse


    You can call or text an I will call you back

  • Thank you so much x

  • Just set some time aside for yourself an we can arrange a chat


  • hi yes exactly your subconscious mind is telling you you have somthing to clear an resolve ( let go ) in other words .

    I couldn't walk from one end of the room to another I was terrified , I thought I was going to die my stress levels were through the roof but strangely i had gone through so much an always seemed to cope but then I started getting panic attacks an I didn't know what was happening to me .

    It's a long story but I'm am totally free now an want to help people .

    At the moment you feel powerless but that's an illusion , your body is full of stress hormones because your body feels threatened all the time an now it is screaming at you to do somthing , remember your mind runs your body ,,,,,,

    You have to get out of risk assessment .

    An I know your thinking yes but how do I do it !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Have faith

    2.except that what is happening is in a painful way GOOD !!!!!!

    3.tell yourself it's ok I'm just having a turn around 😁

    That's a start

    Reduce the fear

    I don't know what your really trying to cope with deep down an what's really made you feel so threatened but I am here if you need help with letting that go

  • I'm going to message you!

  • No did t have a scan I didn't need it

  • Ok thank you so much for your help :) you're a awesome

  • If you ever want to Skype me or call I'm here to help

    If you want my number go o to my web page

    Don't worry I'm not exspecting you to pay anything

    I just want to reach out to who ever needs help to create a new belief an a new life for Yourself 👍

    If you want to get out of the trauma I will try an help you

    The call is free so text me an I will call you back

  • I will look into your website thank you for your help!

  • Energy psychology eft is what helped me so I trained up an have helped people get out of fearful patterns that are running them , mostly it's an echo from the past that's haunting you

  • I hope you do but your choice

    I'm here anyway for you to ask any ???

    Be strong you can get out of these patterns

  • They offered me antidepressants but made me worse

    An Valium to help me calm if I had a panic for a few months so don't worry if you need to try what the Dr says but long term you need to get rid of the fear that's causing the panic

  • You took the Valium? But isn't that very addicting? That's what I'm scared of my therapist wants me to get on medication but I'm worried it won't help.

  • I'm also taking Ativan but my doctor doesn't want me to stay on them any longer because of the addicting effect.

  • Yes because my heart rate would fly up an there were certain times I had to go an do somthing but know I know I didn't need them

  • What are you studying at college

  • Your website won't load for me :( ?

  • you're not going to die but I totally get the way you feel, I currently feel that way and don't even know why.

    Hope you feel better . !

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