Now that it's night time this is how I feel

Well I wasn't feeling good earlier which I posted a while ago I feel a little bit more better it comes and goes I feel like I might be getting sick of some sort and my face feels hot but I'm just laying down relaxing watching Jerry Springer eating some hot Cheetos which I know it's not healthy but I love Hot Cheetos hopefully I can last until tonight until tomorrow I meant on my doctor's appointment and hopefully the acupuncture works and then hopefully the doctor can find out my problems to blood blood test I hope all you guys are doing good if you guys need anyone to talk to don't hesitate to message me even if it's so late I'm always up cuz I can't sleep I don't feel good and I doubt I will go to sleep but I still have to make me a ginger tea and relax so I hope you guys are having a good night but other than that if you need me I'm here thank you


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  • Hi Crystal, I read your other post as well as this, glad your feeling a bit better now, it's so weird how you can be fine one minute then like the flick of a switch it comes on. Youl here it so many times that people can't understand unless they experience it too!! It's like depression, when people say what have they got to be depressed about? Good life, lots of money!! Anxiety and depression can touch anyone, regardless of age, gender, rich or for people to be able to come on here and talk about their feelings is a great thing. Good luck with your acupuncture!! I've had it on my back. Get copies of your blood results so you can check your levels for yourself 🙏🏻😀

  • Thank you girly I appreciate it it's really nice to meet people on here to communicate on how they really feel before I even made this online I don't have no one to talk to and have nobody stories to read how their day is going it feels great but then again you want to give them some hope and cope with them also it's hard but you try to do as much as you can to be reading other people's stories getting good as possible advises you normally can can yeah I feel a lot better but then again like I said I've been feeling sick on at all today I try not to think about it I still am feeling sick right now but I'm just watching movies so I'm trying to entertain myself before I go to sleep and thank you about my appointment so I sure will hopefully it works hopefully they can find a solution to make me feel better but if you need anyone to talk to I'm always here I am following you on here like I said its nice to meet you know nice people that you know talk about their stories and take the time to respond back I really appreciate it and God bless you😆😇

  • Your welcome crystal, I feel sick a lot sometimes, the ginger tea helps but also sucking peppermints. I did try peppermint oil capsules but they ended up giving me acid so I just have the mints now. Enjoy your movies👍😀🙏🏻

  • They're both good team but a lot of people are different I still need to make my teeth but I'm too lazy to make it at the moment lol so I'm just laying down making boiled eggs to eat a salad with that my daughter still up when she wants to watch movies so I'm just up with her in the meantime I'm not quite sleepy yet I know I'll get there by like 1 or so hope you're doing okay are you taking any medication at the moment for anxiety I didn't like I mean I have my anxiety pills but they make me feel like emotional wreck crying and mad and I'll stick it out on the kids and then I'll go to sleep all day I didn't really like it they told me to smoke marijuana but I'm scared too I haven't smoked marijuana since high school and that was in 2006 so if I probably talk to a cannabis doctor maybe but I'm just so scared who knows I rather smoke marijuana then take pills honestly LOL

  • I don't take medication now but I used too. I took sertraline, it helped me get through the dark times.i took myself off it by reducing the amount over time. If I can give you any good advice then this is it!! Don't smoke it!! Honestly someone I know used it for anxiety, ocd and it ended up making her so much worse. I don't care what people say about it, I know it does cause mental health issues and life's hard enough without making it worse. People don't realise just because it chills you out and makes you feel happy it's also messing with your head. Well it's morning in the uk !! And I'm going to visit my family!! 3 hour drive on my own!! Biggie for me as I haven't driven that far for a long time😮But I'm making myself do it👍, I believe it's called taking myself out of my comfort zone😁😁!! But it's all worth it to see my kids, my grandchildren and hopefully my brothers if I get time to get round everyone!! Maybe I should just hold court like the queen does and say I'm here!! So come and visit if you want😀 Mmm sounds like a plan!! Hope you have a good day crystal, bye for now x

  • Do what your doing relaxing. 🔥 chips. My daughter wld eat these chips all the time! Her stool had blood in it. She freaked out as I her Mom did too. Doctor said. Was burning her stomach organs can make a hole! I say. Yes. Get test done. But. PLEASE CUT OUT THESE CHIPS TO SEE IF MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

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