How do I know this is health anxiety

All tonight I've felt abit off it I've had hot flushes my body feels like it's on fire and tender, keep thinking I'm dying of some serious illness, two doctors have said its health anxiety but I've not had blood tests or scans like everybody else so I'm worried again like there just dismissing me or something some days I feel fine and some I do t it's really confusing I've thought I've got cancer AIDS/HIV MS brain abscess brain tumours strokes everything I'm just so so worried that I'm dying of something it's horrible, hope everyone's bin ok today or atleast had it abit better

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  • It's awful isn't it, I've had blood tests but no scans or other things that other people seem to have, my doctor doesn't feel it's necessary to. Cancer is one of my fears, along with others, I can feel ok for a little while after seeing doctor but the fears soon return. Are you seeing a therapist? X

  • My doctor won't do anything else for me either I had blood tests and that's it.

  • Hello. I am exactly the same as you. I think am I dying or is it anxiety! Message me if you want privately

  • You could have scan after scan but then a week after you would think something has changed or they have missed something. I am just trusting the doctors you have too

  • Its health anxiety, its in your mind. You need to keep these thoughts out of your mind, I suggest keep yourself busy all the time and take proper rest.

    Taking proper medication and therapy can help you feel better.

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