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This time it's for real like any other time?

Hi Guys, I Have suffered health anxiety dobt think will ever stop but since I'm better well everything seems to be wrong I suffered really bad chest cough infection over 3 months beginbing of year . FIn ally got to the 2 weeks before my going awat sunmer holiday , my period was late thought pregnant but knew couldn't be , worked myself into a panic, then suddenly started getting nerve pain in gums jaw going into ear , took , painkillers on holiday felt like all I took had to take my sleep aid too. Great anxiety here we go again , been back a month pain getting worse 2 broken teeth & hole, my mouth feels like it's tingly with nerves arrrrrrrgh great no wonder so I sat telling myself this was anxiety!!! it's for real it's soo painful I must rIng dentist tomo I don't have one cos my last dentist lady was so rude!! made me feel waste of time, during my worst time of anxiety ever & been diagnosed with ovet active thyroid ,I never could face going back , l cause my self more anxiety now worrying about having needle !!!plus thinking it coukd be serious anyone else been in this silly state binkynoo x

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I always have had a terrible fear of dentists maybe because I had a few bad experiences which never helped but then I took advise and the dentist I now see I was totally honest about just how nervous and what all my problems were anxiety etc

I have not long since had to have a dental bridge , a lot of work was involved but with the help of my dentist I managed to get it done

There is nothing worse than toothache , usually when you have holes or broken teeth the pain will not go away without seeing a dentist , so yes you need to phone up , tell them when you phone how nervous you are and could they bear this in mind , you may find that they will be so much better than last time you went as sometimes it is the fear , what are heads have created that is so much worse than going & having the treatment

If you manage to go this time & you get some good treatment it will help build your confidence again & we have to start somewhere to do that

I no what you mean though about just as we feel things are getting better then something goes wrong and knocks us back but like someone said to me this is life & I think this is where we can struggle with anxiety when we get these knocks but the more we can face them & come through the other side it will make us stronger even though I know it is not as easy as said than done

Hope you make that appointment :-) x


Thanks you Tigger, so much it's that thing Anxiety that causes a great deal of well ectra worry & turmoul we can do without know a few years back I had no issues. I dont know ehats worse the psin or anxiety anymore ,I am waiting for the emergency dentist to ring me back, hopefully get seen to today pain pain go away !! Maybe I have infection too give me some antibiotics too. I want again oh & sleep again not slept well few nights even my half of sleep aid didn't do much .will let you know . Big hugs binkynoo


Good luck ...I hope you get an appointment , will be one thing less for you to worry about :-) x


Hi Tigger, well I went to the dentist to be told quit bad nerve gum infection ,grear so got antibiotics took those my anxiety going g through the roof what of the infection spread so much, first day been pain free but just started with it again or is it anxiety I forgot nerve pain can be so bad arrrrrrrgh . Hope you are well big hugs binkynoo


Oh sounds painful , no wonder if you have an infection like that you have been in so much pain :-o

Don't worry because no matter where the infection is now you have antibiotics it will clear it up & stop it spreading ...I have had infections before with my teeth and yes you just think it is getting better then you may have a few hours of pain again but it takes the full course of meds to clear it up so that is normal .......Hope you seeon feel better :-) x


I have got in this afternoon feel shocking wish could numb my head it all starting to.hurt soo bad ears jaw my whole mouth ,along wirh anxiety feeling sick.

Thankyou for your words and support

binkynoo x


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