Why is it that every night, I feel like Im going to die?!

Every night before I fall asleep, I find myself controlling every breathe I take, this disrupts my breathing pattern and so when I lay down to fall asleep, I feel like I'm suffocating. I feel like I'm not breathing enough so my mind becomes conscious of every breath I take. I find myself sitting up rapidly taking gasps for air. This goes on for about a few hours before I get tired enough to fall asleep. I know it's just anxiety, but HOW DO I BREAK THE CYCLE!? I wish my head could just touch the pillow and poof I'll be asleep. But no, my mind says "it's time to make you feel like you are gonna die." Does anyone know how to get rid of unwanted thoughts? This same thought and fear of me stop breathing is so frustrating and has taken over my sleeping time. I fear of dying in my sleep so much its so annoying.... 😢


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    I have explained something about thought process here in post try to read and as you are in initial stage of anxiety just try to feel good!!

    And dont try to control your breath!!

  • Thats the worst.. Don't focus on your breathing. Listen to some slow music and just focus on the music.. Close your eyes and just let the music relax you.. Also try and looking for an app in the app store.. I had a very good one but lost it when I update my phone 😢 .. I hope you feel better soon.. I hope we all do.

  • I know how easy it is to make yourself believe you can't breath, I've been there and still have set backs with the breathing problem started about thirty years ago for me. Mom had to come spend the nite with me and talk me through it, and I was married and in my thirties with a little boy. She had always suffered with anxiety and panic attacks, she was in a group called recovery class, that helped each other. then she took me to her doctor and he gave me some antidepressants and they really helped, now when it comes back I no not to let the thought stay in my head, I push it away over and over. Its much easier now :) Oh and the only way I can go to sleep at nite is with my music on loudly, I burn my own CD's so its all happy music, no sad songs, and its a CD so after about an hour when I'm sleeping it shuts itself off. If I wake up in the middle of the nite I reach over and turn it back on. If your brain is full of music, its hard for it to put panic, fear, or anxiety in your mind :)

  • i get this as well. It helps to recognize it as a symptom of anxiety and accept that you won't die as much as you think you will. Some things that help me include:

    -Letting someone know who is with you (it's comforting to have someone aware)

    -Watch tv to try and get your mind off of it

    -Listen to relaxation music with headphones. This specific one really helps me, I listen to it all the time and it immediately relaxes me:

    Good luck and I hope you can get past this! :)

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