Am I having a panic attack or what's wrong with me I'm so scared

I'm feeling really bad right now I have major tremor and shakiness I feel my hands are sweaty but cold and tingly I feel like I'm going to pass out I don't know if it's the new medication I started yesterday but it was celexa or not sure if it was just my anxiety acting out of control I'm so scared I feel like I'm losing my mind I have not much focus can some one please let me know if they had this issue what's wrong with me ???i fee when I talk to people I fee like its not rea everything and everyone seems so not real I feel like I'm in a dream please help


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  • I always feel like I'm going to pass out . I was taken to A&E last week feeling like this . I tried closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing . Think that helped the most! You are ok just breathe your safe

  • Absolutely anxiety. Sorry you are going through this. I just wanted to leave a message to let you know these feelings will pass. My first ever symptom was feeling like I was in a dream. It was so scary and eventually passed but it was the start of my anxiety struggle. I know it's intense right now but it will lessen. Hang in there!

  • Thank you do you still struggle with anxiety and panic attacks?

  • yes i do but not nearly so much as i did when i was younger as i have found ways to take my mind of it. like i said cleaning the house. or doing something that i had to focus my mind on. and also the medication helped enourmously at the time. i dont take it now. but i still do suffer from terrible depression.when i was young there were no computers or forums and there was no where to go except the hospital and i can assure you i was at the hospital so many times. i dont know what causes this but there are so many of us suffering from it. you will get lots of support here. and when your tablets start to kick in you will feel so much better. its just a case of waiting for them to start working for you. love grace xoxoxo🤗

  • I do yes, but I've just started Zoloft 4 weeks ago and it seems to be helping. Symptoms will not be constant.. They tend to come and go, so hang in there! How are you feeling today?

  • Not good full blown panic attacks I fee like I'm going crazy it's scary

  • oh dear try and take some deep breaths. im glad to see that you'v had some replies as its not nice when we feel scared like this. this medicine should start to calm you down soon as iv had it before. i dont know what strength that your on but try not to worry as the doctor has obviously seen you to give you this medicince so he/she will be sure that there is nothing wrong with you except anxiety and it can make you feel dizzy. i know that feeling you'v got its not very nice. i used to feel like that a lot when i was younger. i also used to feel as if i was outside of my body looking down watching everything. but im still here and that was many years ago. it may take your medicatin a little time to start to work its differnt for everyone so try and relax. i know its easier said than done. can you do something to take your mind of how you feel and stop thinking about how you feel as that can make it worse. tidy the house. or wash the pots and pans or clean your shoes. do anything to distract yourself from thinking about yourself. and im sure you will feel better. all my best wishes to you. keep your chin up. love grace xoxoxo🤗

  • Thanks grace much appreciated it has calmed down a little bit I'm scared of getting another I'm trying to stay busy it's tough but I'm 27 and this hit me out of no where two months ago I hate it

  • if it comes back then you just say to yourself that you had it before and dealt with it and it went away.and it will go away again so you see you have not to sit and worry about it coming back as you will just scare your self. many times i scared myself with my own worrys and in the uk and its 2.36am so i better get to my bed. dont worry E2013 you will get through this. i will come and speak to you tomorrow and see how your getting wont be to long until you medication works and give you some real relief. god bless you. love grace xoxoxo🤗❤️

  • Thank you grace much appreciated!!😉

  • hi E2013 im sorry i never got round last night as i wasnt very well myself and suffering from very bad depression and tiredness. i hate saying to someone i will come back and see how you are and i dont make it back so im sorry about that. how are you now? are you tablets starting to work for you? i do hope so. i will try and pop around again soon. let me know how your are please. try and remember to watch your thinking and not to scare yourself with thoughts and if you find yourself doing that. think of something nice. or keep busy. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi thanks for checking on me I haven't been to great major panic attacks I literally fee like I'm losing my mind it's so scary but working on it I also feel like everything around me seems not real like it's fake very very awful I'm so scared

  • im glad to hear that you've not had anything major and that probably means your mediction is working for you more and also your working on it yourself which is a very good thing. well done. keep up the good work. love grace xoxoxo 🙏

  • Hi. I went through the same thing. It's called derealization. Like yourself, I felt like I was in a dream. I couldn't make sense of anything around me and that made me super anxious and scared of everything. And I felt like I couldn't get out what I wanted to say and always wondered if people heard what I said. But this feeling will pass, you just have to hang in there as best you can.

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