Why am I so scared

Well I went outside today but I'm so scared to do things because I don't leave my bed because of panic attacks and when I start to feel one my mind goes on the fritz and my chest will hurt my temp goes up I feel like I'm going to pass out I can't even leave my house to see the doctor but my sister talk to our doctor for me and she said bad anxiety and I get so scared of having a heart attack can that happen I'm only 24 and weight 115 pounds. Does anyone have this?


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  • Hey there.  First off, I'm not a doctor.  However, I am 45 and lived about twice as long as you so I would tell you no, you're not going to have a heart attack.  I am a big guy.  6 foot 2 and 275 pounds. (Muscle mostly....had to add that) and I'm still alive.  Knock on wood.   So I would say you having a heart attack at 24 is definitely something you shouldn't even think about.  You could live to 100 and not have a heart attack.  My mother is 83.  Never worked out in her life, smoked 65 years, never had a heart attack, knock on wood.  Father lived to 85.  Smoked 65 years, never had a heart attack.  Died because his aid dropped him on his head and passed away 2 weeks later.   Just went unconscious and died.   So for you to be 24 and 115 pounds, I would say the chances of you having a heart attack are definitely not something to even think about considering the statistics.   Now, I am not a doctor and this isn't medical advice.  But, you could Google a 24 year old female getting life insurance and it's like 2 dollars a day for a million bucks.  That should tell you something.   These insurance companies know the stats better than anyone and they know you're are in the lowest risk group.  And that's from dying of anything.   So, what do you do now?  You can schedule a full physical with your doctor.  Have someone go with you if you can't go alone.  Get a full checkup and blood work done.  Once the results come back all good, which they will, you can at least rest assured knowing you are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and start your recovery.   This is all in my opinion obviously.   So go on the internet and Google best ways of coping with anxiety.   Two of my favorites are deep abdominal breathing and keeping my mind occupied on something.  (Watching some TV or some light reading-even for only a few minutes at a time.)  Also, rate your anxiety on a scale of 1 to 10 and watch it move up and down the scale.   So right now you may be a 9.  Do some breathing, read a couple pages, watch a little TV, do a little cleaning and maybe you'll be a 5 now.  If not, that's okay.  It will go down.  This way you can see that it does go up and down.   You will not go crazy or lose your mind.   Wow, this is getting long.   Where are you from?  

  • Michigan and I have tryed to go to the doctors office and I almost passed out I'm just so scared of everything like how I feel like my memory is sleeping away when that started I had convinced my self I have a tumor and still scared that I might have one I have not left my house in 11 months 

  • You are suffering from agoraphobia.  That is classic agoraphobia.   My mother didn't leave the house for years.  I went through a period in my 20's also where I couldn't leave my house.  Soon I was able to walk down the block, and slowly but surely(over time)my "safe zone" expanded.   My house is still my safe zone.  Whenever I was out and had a panic attack I would rush to get home as quick as I could.  I get very anxious if my family has a trip to go on, like a flight or something.  I did go to Florida 2 years ago and a cruise last year, both of which caused tremendous anticipatory anxiety.   You need to take baby steps.   Baby baby baby steps.   I would highly recommend a book for you.  The author is Claire Weeks.  The book is titled "Hope and Help for your Nerves."   This really is a book for anyone that suffers like we do.   It's our bible.   Please see about getting a copy.   I do know that many many people like us have been helped by her.  Trust me on this.  You need this book.  Go online right now and see if you can get yourself a copy.   If not, I will figure out a way to get a copy for you.   How are you feeling right now?  And what are your symptoms?

  • You have agoraphobia. Do you have a doctors service that come to your house where your from? Look into that I think it's important that you get therapy and possibly anxiety medication.

    Wishing you the best :)

  • I was like that for a year...mine started when I was 34...I was scared to drive, go outside...it was bad, but like Chaz said talk baby steps...and there is medicine that can help. Your not alone! 

  • Hi apayette24,   I have been agoraphobic for 6 years.  During that time my internist would come out several times a year to see me.  Once a month his nurse would come out to check blood pressure, temp and any blood tests needed.  I even had ultrasound done in my home as well as EKGs.   My therapist for my anxiety came to my home for a while and then continued therapy by phone.  I believe it gave me the time I needed to accept the fact that this was truly anxiety and not a medical condition.  Within the last year, I have started going out again and driving, feeling more and more comfortable each time. During the time I was stuck in the house, I did all I could to retrain myself from the fears I had as well as learning and using the coping skills I was taught by my therapist.  I hope you will find the way to recovery.  As you see by reading this forum, you are not alone.  Everyone suffers in their own way to a different degree.   I wish you well.   I care  xx

  • Thank you everyone I had another panic attack again it comes on out of the blue but only at night but everytime my heart would pound loud I would get scared that my heart will keep racing then cause me to have a heart attack 

  • apayett24,  your heart racing will not cause you to have a heart attack.  It is racing because you are scared and it starts pumping the adrenaline throughout your body.  You have developed a pattern of night time anxiety that is seems to come out of the blue.  Actually it's your mind telling you it's that time again and your body responds to that thought.  Try settling down somewhere  that you feel comfortable and safe.  Try relaxing while taking deep breaths through your nose and slowly blow out.  Keep your feet planted on the grow, it will give  you stability.  Turn off your cell, tv an hour before bedtime.  Use this time as a relaxing moment, a warm glass of milk might help you.  If on medication, make sure you take that before quiet time so that  you don't interrupt that calming feeling.  When  you do go to bed, continue your deep breathing.  It's okay to listen to some soft music or meditation tape.  I hope this might help you some.  Peaceful thoughts  xx

  • Does your heart ever fell like it dose a big thud that you feel in your throat and it seems like your heart stopped 

  • Yes I have had that feeling.  It's all a part of the stress and anxiety.  Sometimes it makes me cough which seems to make it go away, although it doesn't last long, usually just one thud.  (which is enough)

  • Ya then I get scared the rest of the night 

  • I when though some of this where I couldn't go out I took small steps buy just going to going out in my garden to start with then gonna just out side my garden to them to my friends house witch was just round the corner yes I panicked felt like was gonna pass out but once I got us to it again I was find but still have a lot of days where I fine it hard to go shop ect 

  • Yesterday I did so good and now it's hard to go anywhere bc I feel like I'm going to for get where I am and who I am 

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